Michael Jordan's 10 Weakest Moments…

Out of the slums of Brooklyn N.Y., Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born. He is the greatest of all time and with him gettin’ so many accolades over the years,  I figured we humanize the guy. For the millions upon millions of highlights he’s had, it’s going to be pretty tough to find some lowlights, but let’s give it a shot anyway!

10. John Starks throws it down over Horace Grant (MJ Cameo)

To be fair, Jordan didn’t really get dunked on as much as he get soared past. But hey, cameras don’t lie, right?

9. Derek Smith Throws It Down Over Mike.

For a guy that these analysts pumped up so much, and ended up being best known as Duke Guard, Nolan Smith’s dad, this must make this moment that much more wack. Once more, he played for the Clippers!

8. Michael Jordan gets locked up by the late Reggie Lewis.

Before his untimely passing right on the court where he made a living, Reggie Lewis was on his way to becoming a star in the NBA. None more apparent than in this game where Lewis put the clamps on Jordan, punching the basketball back in his face four times!

7. Mike Can’t Dance.

Let’s keep it 100, if Michael Jackson can’t teach you a few moves, you might just need to hang it up! (Peep tha 6:05 mark)

6. Larry Bird hits jumper over MJ and Pippen FTW, then MJ gets locked up.

The Hick from French Lick showed the young scrapper MJ he wasn’t ready to give up the thrown just yet; showing him exactly what it means to be clutch.

5. Michael Jordan Misses Dunk in 2002 All-Star Game

“Jordan all alone on the break, and! ….. oh.”

4. MJ Gets Bopped by Bob Hansen

True story, the actual name of the aformentioned video is “MJ Gets Crossed By Some White Guy.” That alone is a fail, and sure he missed the lay-up but if this was the Rucker, Hansen could’ve picked the ball up and throw it in the crowd with Boobie Smooth running around screaming “OHHHH BABBY!!!”

3. The Jordan XX’s

In 50 years when ungrateful young’ns only remember Jordan as “that guy who makes the sneakers,” his footwear might be his greatest legacy. So one would think that the landmark 20th anniversary of the sneakers would be something epic. Instead we were stuck with these failbombs of footwear. Even Jordan enthusiusts had to give a second thought about copping these.

2. Allen Iverson shakes MJ out of his 12’s

It was the moment that cemented the fact that you don’t want to be caught out on an island by yourself with The Answer. Clearly MJ’s most recognized fail, the rookie Iverson ushered in a new era of player with one fell swoop of his hands.

1. Michael Jordan Blows It In The ’95 Eastern Confernce Finals

It almost seems like this was a bad dream right? Mike wearing 45, looking a little skinny, had those weird bands on his wrists. Almost didn’t seem like the same guy. But it was. That was him getting stripped in Game 1 by Nick Anderson (?) of all people. Followed by an uncharacteristic turnover to blow the game, and eventually the series against a young Shaq-led Orlando Magic.

BONUS: Don’t think we forgot about that damned baseball career…


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  1. Andy Huang says:

    This is an awesome post! I’m writing a blog about Michael Jordan and I’ll definitely link this. I haven’t even seen most of these clips, great finds.

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