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Sacramento family on Supernanny

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supernanny 071029103143123 wideweb  300x375 Sacramento family on SupernannyA local family will be appearing on next season of ABC’s “Supernanny.”  The Swift family was nominated by their babysitter and knew what they were in for when they invited Jo Frost and camera crews into their home.  Cameras rolling, Jenny Swift – the mother of five children, ages 10 months to 11 years, and a Boston Marathon-caliber runner – had major in-your-face time with Jo Frost, the aptly named celebrity nanny who’s made a career of helping people get their houses in order.

Click “More” to read some great tips and pieces and parenting advice from the Supernanny.

Tips from ‘The Supernanny’

Jo Frost, “The Supernanny” on ABC, lists a bevy of coping strategies for parents, mostly those with young children, at

Five positive alternatives to saying “no”

• “Yes, later”

• “Not today”

• “When we’ve done (the chore), we can do (the fun activity)”

• “Let me think about it”

• “Yes, you may, after your homework is done”

Three strategies for staying calm

• Let go of the idea that your toddler is trying to drive you crazy; that’s developmentally impossible in young children.

• Understand the toddler’s impulses. Remember that she doesn’t understand that her actions affect others.

• Curb your reaction. A child can learn that pushing you to the edge is the fastest way to get what he wants.

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