Can Nelly make a comeback?

nelly sean john 575 Can Nelly make a comeback?

In recent digital media news, it’s been reported that [lastfm]Nelly[/lastfm], the one time hip-hop/Top 40 superstar, is prepping for the release of his new album, “5.0” for this fall. If you want to get a feel for the album’s sound, check out the two first serviced singles on YouTube, “Tippin’ In The Club”, and “Just A Dream”.

I know some of you are probably saying “FAIL”. I’m not sure that’s the case. True, Nells is older (late 30’s). And his last hit album was “Sweat and Suit”, in 2004. He also hasn’t dropped a hit radio single since 2005. Looking at those stats, you could say he’s headed into Ja Rule territory.

But…Nelly was always different than most rap stars of his day. He was a combination of charm, looks, and a flow that, while not classically worthy of “hot quotables”, worked well enough for his hip-pop compositions. And, he was a major heartthrob. With those weapons in his personal arsenal, Nelly could make a dent in the rap game if his moves (promotions, album singles) are note perfect. As far as selling “Country Grammar” numbers, I doubt he (or anybody) could come close to that.

But, then again, Nells has been away from the limelight for 6 years now. And his last album, Brass Knuckles, was a cosmic flop. (His single with Fergie,“Party People”, was one of the worst singles of ALL TIME.) The only rap artist who can stay away from the game for years and return hot is Dr. Dre. Everyone else rarely gets that pass. If anything, it’s not a stubborn radio program director that could hurt Nelly’s new comeback…it’s time itself.

I’m off to Ladies Night at my favorite pub. I love direct deposit :)

  • bon

    hmm hopefully hes gna comeback strong
    i think brass knuckles is the only album i havnt got of his, gna buy it n have a listen anyway tho to complete my collection along with 5.0 :p lol

  • Dave Fibromyalgia

    Great information and plethora of areas that you cover. Even the comments were educational and informative.

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