Clarissa Jenkins Phone Check Of The Week

phone check pic Clarissa Jenkins Phone Check Of The Week

In case you didn’t know: Wayne, Jay & Lexi now have hilarious prank calls courtesy of Clarissa Jenkins and her phone checks.  Every week I will post the Clarissa Jenkins Phone Check of the week.  This week’s phone check is Clarissa calling a guy about his drug test results.  They weren’t good, but Clarissa wants to know if he is down to do a little “work” to get the results reversed.

You can hear the Clarissa Jenkins Phone Checks Monday through Friday with Wayne, Jay & Lexi in the morning on the :10’s (6:10 am, 7:10 am, 8:10 am, and 9:10 am) only on 1025.

  • Rosita Sanchez

    how do I get clarissa Jenkins to phone check someone for me?

    • Gina

      Agreed!!! How can Clarissa Jenkins phone check someone for me!?!?!

  • Nanette

    Clarissa, I like that one you did I think it was last week about you calling this place that watches your pets while your on vacation it was a lizard of some kind. Where can I listen to that one again. That one was very funny.

  • Anna

    I wish I could get Clarissa to phone check someone for me

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