LMFAO To Party Rock The Big Screen

Could  [mp3com-artist]LMFAO [/mp3com-artist] soon be party rockin’ on the big screen “Oh yeah, we’ve got some stuff up our sleeves now.” According to LMFAO member Sky Blu who said “We can’t give it all away, but (a movie) is something we’ve definitely been thinking about and putting out in the universe for a minute.”
Sky Blu’s musical partner and Uncle Redfoo agreed saying “A LMFAO movie is very exciting” but worried that it “might be too much for the world. You might have to do some sit-ups and stuff (because) you might be laughing… You might have to stretch your stomach muscles.” He also added that LMFAO’s big screen goal would be to “change movies” with a level of interactivity that’s usually not part of the theater experience.
“You know how the etiquette is in movie theaters, ‘Be quiet!’ We might say, ‘Everybody, right now tweet something!’… during the movie. That might break the lines of the movie… break the seventh wall. Or, ‘Take a picture of what’s on the screen right now and tweet it out!’ What if we did that in the movie? So we’ve got to really think about it before we do that stuff — but that’s what we’re doing. We’re thinking about that stuff. We’ve always got our pads and jotting down ideas.”

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