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Guess Who Else Shares A Birthday With You Today!

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Getty Images

Getty Images

If today is your birthday, well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Check out which celebrities share a birthday with you!

Jason Biggs (34)
Malcolm David Kelly (20)
Emily VanCamp (26)
Aaron Yoo (33)
Malin Ackerman (34)
Mackenzie Astin (39)
Christian Campbell (40)
Jamie Luner (41)
Samantha Mathis (42)
Kim Fields (43)
Tony Hawk (44)
Catherine Tate (44)
Stephen Baldwin (46)
Deborah Kara Unger (46)
Vanessa “Melrose Place” Williams (49)
Emilio Estevez (50)
Ving Rhames (53)
Gabriel Byrne (62)
Billy Squier (62)
Steve Windwood (64)
Linda Dano (69)
Burt Bacharach (84)
Yogi Berra (87)

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