Zombie Prank Almost Gets Guy Shot

It was just last week in Miami that a man was getting his face eaten by a man high on a drug called “Cloud 9” that has similar effects to the synthetic drug called “bath salts”.  The attack lasted over eighteen minutes and left the homeless man who was attacked without eyes and his nose and mouth were also chewed on.

Many have expressed opinions that this was the beginning of a real life, “zombie apocalypse” so one prankster decides to pretend to be a zombie and chase people in Miami…the only problem is at one point someone pulls a gun on him and he almost gets shot!

At the end of the video it says that everybody was told they were being pranked…my question is was that before or after you got video on them?  Some of those folks don’t look like they’re playing!  What do you think?  Guy pulls out gun around 2:00 into video:

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