3 Surprising Myths About Cheating

The relationship website YourTango.com has an interesting article on cheating.  They polled over 100 experts to see if the stuff we all think we know about cheating is actually true.  Here are the top three myths…

Myth 1.  Men Cheat Because They’re Not Satisfied Sexually.  Most of the experts agreed that guys cheat because they’re not satisfied emotionally.

Obviously, different people cheat for different reasons.  But according to the experts, sex isn’t usually the main reason.

Myth 2.  Cheaters Should Always Fess Up.  57% of the experts said confessing ISN’T always the best option.  

The basic thinking is, if you know it’ll end your relationship and you’re seriously committed to never cheating again, then it’s actually selfish to confess.  Because you’d be doing it just to get rid of the guilt.

But that doesn’t mean you should never confess.  If you need to get all your cards on the table, and you think you’ll be able to get past it, then telling them might be the best option.

Myth 3.  If They Cheat Once, They’ll Cheat Again.  81% of the experts said you shouldn’t take the “once a cheater, always a cheater” thing too seriously.

Especially if they cheated in a previous relationship, because the circumstances were totally different.  With that said, if they have a reputation for it, it’s okay to be suspicious.




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