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7 Ice Cream Flavors and What They Say About Your Personality

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I’ve once heard that, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. How true is it? Well, you be the judge. The website has a list of seven popular ice cream flavors, and what they say about your personality…What’s your flavor?

1.  Chocolate-  If it’s you’re favorite, they say it means you’re “lively, creative, and dramatic.”

If you like “double chocolate chunk,” it means you look for passionate, exciting relationships.

2.  Vanilla-  You’d assume it means you’re boring and bland.  But apparently people who like vanilla tend to be RISK TAKERS, and usually rely on intuition when they’re faced with a problem.

3.  Strawberry-  It means you’re thoughtful and logical, but you tend to be a follower rather than a leader.  You also weigh your options carefully, so it sometimes takes you a long time to make decisions.

4.)  Mint Chocolate Chip-  People who say it’s their favorite tend to be ambitious and confident, and like making plans and thinking ahead.  They also tend to be skeptics.

If you like chocolate chip ice cream without the mint, it means you’re ambitious, competitive, hard working, and good in social situations.

5.  Coffee-  Coffee ice cream fans tend to over-commit to things, and always start new projects before they finish the last one.  They can also be very flirtatious.

6.  Rocky Road-  It means you’re practical, but you’re outgoing in social situations.  And you’re more sensitive to criticism than most people are.

7.  Butter Pecan-  You’re devoted, respectful, and careful with money.  And you think integrity is a very important trait to have.




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