Rita Ora Liked Drake So She Put A Ring On It

Singer Rita Ora revealed to Kiss 95.1/Charlotte that she has, in fact, put a ring on close friend Drake. It’s on his ring finger but don’t get it twisted: he wears it on his right hand.

Drake told a UK radio station that the ring he’s been rocking was a gift from Ora, who he calls a dear friend. The two have history dating back at least to her appearance in his video for “Over.” In fact, he calls the ring one of the most important things in his collection of accessories. We got the full story from Ora.

“I had a ring since I was young,” she explained. It was my granddad’s ring…I’ve known Drake for so many years, since I was 18. 17 really. He was the first guy I wrote with on my album. So I’ve been doing this album for literally 3 years, I scrapped it and started again but Drake, I always kept his songs on the album because we really connected. He’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.”

If she wasn’t already Drake’s biggest fan, she would be after her single “R.I.P.”, which was written by Drake, went number one in Europe. “It was my first number one and I shared it with the right person,” she admitted before explaining his importance in her life. “He wrote it for me and it just all made sense. So the least I could do was give him something really important for me because if you think about it, he changed my life.”

While most people exchange rings on a more romantic level, Otis asked if there were any loving ties between the two singers. “No, don’t get me wrong he’s hot. I’m not going to deny that. But it’s more than that…it’s just like family.”

-Jodi Phillips, Kiss 95.1/Charlotte


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