Will Nas, Jay-Z And Eminem Ever Record A Song Together

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148468266 Will Nas, Jay Z And Eminem Ever Record A Song Together

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Moet Rose)

The Queens legend revealed that he had in fact tried to solidify a “Daughters” remix with both Eminem and Jay-Z for his  10th musical installment Life Is Good. The three rappers are often compared by Hip Hop fans as some of the best rappers alive, so a collaboration between the three would have been a monumental event in Hip Hop.

All three have daughters, Destiny (Nas’ Daughter), Hailie (Eminem’s Daughter) and Blue Ivy (Jay-Z’s daughter) so the song would have had a very significant meaning to all three legends. So what happened?

According to Nas via a Vibe interview, Eminem declined because he felt he had portrayed his daughter enough throughout his career and wanted to keep her out of the limelight. As for Jay-Z, he and Nas were unable to find a successful scheduling to record the track.

Although it has not worked out just yet, we’ll hold onto the hope that one day these three Rap titans will join forces for at least one track.

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