Did Lil Wayne Predict The Colorado Shootings?

The shootings that occurred on July 20th in Aurora, Colorado was something nobody expected and nobody would ever want to go through. It was reported on that horrific morning that 12 died and 58 were badly injured.

A tragic coincidence with the music world also transpired: Lil Wayne’s music video for “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean was released on July 17th, three days before the shootings in Colorado.  In this video, Wayne is rapping in a movie theater with exactly 12 skeletons, the exact same number of people killed in the movie theater shooting. You then see a bigger shot with more skeletons, but oddly enough in the first shot we do see 12 exactly.

It almost seems like too much of a coincidence, since it was right before the shooting, and had the same exact number of skeletons as the number of deaths. There is also a girl in the theater who is wearing a batman shirt, and earlier there is a woman wearing a bat mask. Watch the video at 3:38.

Coincidence? Of course. Very odd and creepy? YES.


600 Did Lil Wayne Predict The Colorado Shootings?

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