Fan Beaten Down At Nicki Minaj Concert By Security [Video]

Some fans will go to any lengths to come into contact with their idol. In this case, the idol was Nicki Minaj. During her concert on July 24 in Miami, FL a fan rushed the stage and may have been rushed to the hospital instead.

Although the fine details are fuzzy at this time, if Huffington Post is correct, the fan was pushed to the ground by security, kicked by at least one person and beaten by several others.

This video depicts the scene unfolding right as it happens. After running up to Minaj and attempting to give her a hug, the fan was bombarded by security and chased.

Minaj kept her cool during the scene, but maybe she was too cool? In the video, you can clearly see her smiling right after the incident unfolds and she had no problem continuing on with her performance. Whether or not she actually found this scene comical is unknown, but the outcome is still the same.

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local


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