Another Gunman In the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Theater

A man in Ohio this past Saturday night decided to try to copy the gunman from Colorado at the Dark Knight Rises movie. 37-year-old Scott Smith tried to bring in guns, ammunition and knives into a 10pm showing of the Batman movie.

Apparently the manager of the Cleveland movie theater became suspicious of the man who was carrying a satchel. The manager alerted an off-duty cop who was working security that night. He searched the bag and found a Glock 9mm handgun, ammunition clips and three knives; he then immediately called police.

Cops arrived at the scene and checked this guy out to find out that Smith has no permit to carry a gun.

Smith even offered to put the guns back into his car. Oh how nice of him!

He was arrested without incident.

Cops later searched Smith’s house and there hasn’t been any word if they found anything else.

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