Jay-Z And Kanye West Get Personal In Watch The Throne Documentary

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(Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images)

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Whenever you have Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye West together in the same room, it’s a star power meeting worthy of documenting. It’s just one of the intriguing moments in the new 10-minute Watch The Throne documentary short that has recently hit the net.

Fans can now get the chance to witness Yeezy and Jigga behind-the-scenes as they collaborate on their critically acclaimed platinum album Watch the Throne. In a rare moment shot in a mansion in Sydney, Australia, Jay celebrates his birthday with wife R&B-pop supernova Beyonce and Kanye looking on. There’s a discussion about the greatness of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. There’s a birthday gift—a diamond ring to be exact. And there’s a true bond between the two heavyweight hip-hop cohorts.

“That’s why I respect him because nobody can tell him nothing. He’s not acting out or showing,” Jay-Z said of West in the clip. “He’s not showing off because he’s successful. He would be standing on the table like ‘I have the best rhymes ever!’ And I’d be like ‘yo man!’ We thought the music he was making was so good. Let’s get him a deal, you know keep the music close.”

Watch the film here

Robert Lopuski, who shot the documentary at a globetrotting pace during the pair’s history-making recording sessions explained how he met up with the headlining duo.

“I was in Madrid on another gig when I got the call,” Lopuski told Paradigm magazine. “I had to drop everything to fly out to Sydney. I didn’t have any equipment with me. So I asked Kanye’s team if it was cool to put in a rental order– like, could you guys get some stuff down there for me? I wrote up a list: I need a camera, a mic, a stand, the simple abc’s, and they said don’t worry, we got it.”

For Lopuski, the experience of capturing Jay-Z and West on a personal level in Australia was a revelation.

“Yeah, it was such a small, intimate space,” he continued. “They basically converted the living room into a recording studio and there was literally only like 6-7 people in the room – Jay, Kanye, Beyonce, two engineers, myself, a producer, Don C (Kanye’s manager).” —Keith Murphy, CBS Local

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