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MCA of the Beastie Boys Makes Sure You Can’t Use His Image or Music

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Getty Images/Photo by  Bryan Bedder

Getty Images/Photo by Bryan Bedder

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You know how you’ll be watching television and then all of the sudden a celebrity who’s dead is peddling a soda or vacuum cleaner? I think it’s kind of eerie unless it’s something this person had planned on doing before they died. Which is why celebrities today have to prepare for everything including their likeness and music when they pass.

We lost Adam Yauch aka MCA from the Beastie Boys a few months back; his group were hip hop pioneers and as part of his will he’s stipulated that his music NEVER be used in commercials.  Part of the will reads, “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes.”

Not related to the will at all, is a copyright claim being brought against Monster Energy Drink for using their music in an online campaign without first getting permission.

The Beastie’s music is a collective work, so if things written by Ad-Rock or Mike D be off-limits too? That’s up to them as long as MCA isn’t on it.

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