Nicki Minaj and Her Freedom of Speech Get Her Death Threats

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Getty Images/Photo by  Bruce Yeung

Getty Images/Photo by Bruce Yeung

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When Nicki Minaj was spitting her verse in the studio for a mix tape, “Dedication 4″ that Lil’ Wayne was making I’m sure she didn’t think it would end like this! Nicki’s verse on the cut “Mercy” may have just been her trying to rhyme two things together when she said: “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b*tches is (effing) up the economy”.

First off, Nicki Minaj isn’t even registered to vote in either state where she holds a residence in the USA, and with her status unclear being from Trinidad & Tobago we’re not even sure if she CAN vote.  So what happened when the masses found out about it?  They took to Twitter and started threatening her life saying things like “If Romney wins, I’m going to kill you.”  But there were more than just a few people who shared that sentiment.

Aren’t we in America?  What if Nicki really was a Romney supporter?  Should we be spewing hate or encouraging everyone who has the right to vote , to get out there and do it? I think it’s the latter!  Check out some of the Tweets that were screen-grabbed by angry Tweeters here .

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