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4 Weird Facts About Coffee

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“Reader’s Digest” has a list of weird facts about coffee.  Like, did you know that almost half of the world’s coffee comes from just two countries?  Columbia and Brazil produce about 40% of it.

Since you’re probably drinking it right now, here are four more things you might not know about coffee…

1.  The Word “Cappuccino” Was Inspired by an Outfit-  It got its name because the color resembled the brown robes that Capuchin monks wore in Italy.

And the word “espresso” literally means “when something is forced out.”  Which makes sense, because it’s made by forcing the oils out of the coffee bean.

2.  In the 16th Century, Coffee Was Banned by Muslim Rulers  They were worried about its unusual stimulating effects.  But today, most Muslims are allowed to drink it.

Most Mormons aren’t though, because they’re not allowed to have caffeine.

3.  The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Is Nasty-  You might’ve heard about it, but it’s called “Kopi Luwak,” and it’s made on the island of Sumatra with beans that are eaten, digested, and excreted by an animal called an Asian Palm Civet.

After it’s been processed, it can cost up to $600 a pound.

4.  Instant Coffee Was Revolutionary-  Coffee was the first food to truly be freeze-dried, which is when they preserve food by freezing it and pressurizing it at the same time.

Low-tech forms of freeze-drying have been around since the ancient Incas in Peru.  But freeze-dried coffee in 1938 led to freeze-drying tons of other foods too, which was especially important during World War Two.

They even started freeze-drying blood plasma and penicillin.




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