Chris Brown Becomes An Ice Cream Truck Man

Chris Brown definitely has a colder side, but can you picture him scooping ice cream out of a truck? During a random act of kindness, it seems this bad-boy rapper known for “No Bulls**t” does have a softer side, as it turns out.

TMZ learned that since 2009, Brown has been volunteering with the Jenesse Center, a non-profit domestic violence and prevention organization. During their “Back to School Festival” children involved in domestic violence were given school supplies, and while Brown was volunteering, he noticed an ice cream truck.

In the spirit of giving, he decided he could do a little more and bought ice cream for all the children and adults in attendance, which was about 60 people.

In all, TMZ estimated he shelled out about $200 to get tasty treats for everyone. It may not be a lot of money to some, but it’s the thought that counts, and for a guy known to stir up trouble, this was a thoughtful surprise.

To see a picture of Chris Brown inside the ice cream truck, smiling like a little kid, click here.

-Ashley Quadros, KSFM/102.5

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