Top 20 Reasons Couples Avoid Sex

In a new survey of 2,000 married adults, one in three say they find sex to be a, quote, “chore.”  And it found the average couple has sex five times a month.  Here are the top 20 reasons people gave for avoiding sex, in order:

1.  Too tired.

2.  Stressed from work.

3.  I don’t feel attractive.

4.  It’s too hot.

5.  I want to read my book.

6.  I’m not confident in my body.

7.  Too much on my mind.

8.  Headache.

9.  Neck or back pain.

10.  Sex is too similar every time.

11.  I don’t really enjoy it anymore.

12.  Too full from dinner.

13.  It’s too cold.

14.  Don’t have enough time.

15.  Sometimes I get bored.

16.  I want to watch sports.

17.  I want to watch a movie.

18.  Too much stuff to do around the house.

19.  I’m not attracted to my husband or wife anymore.

20.  I don’t think my partner deserves it.


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