3 Things Guys Think Women Hate About Them, Even Though They Don’t

Some guys spend a lot of time trying to adapt to what their wives and girlfriends want.  But according to a recent article on Match.com, you don’t have to worry so much.

Here are three things women apparently don’t mind that much, even though guys think they’re all things women hate.  See if you disagree…

1.  That Men Don’t Talk Much-  According to one expert, you just have to be a good listener and make a lot of eye contact.  Women apparently don’t care if you’re that talkative . . . because it lets them talk.

2.  Body Hair-  This one kind of depends on age.  But once girls get past the Justin Bieber phase, most of them actually like a hairy chest.

The Zoological Society of San Diego did a study, on humans not animals.  And they think body hair subconsciously makes women think you’re healthy . . . and maybe that you’re capable in the SACK too.

3.  Your Obsession with Electronics-  They might make fun of you for it or complain every now and then.  But according to the founder of dating site YourTango.com, they secretly respect you for it.

One reason is, being passionate about almost anything is sexy.  And it also makes you look intelligent . . . even when you’re pulling your hair out trying to set up your wi-fi.

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