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6 Secrets of Successful Online Daters

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There’s a new book coming out at the end of the month called “Data, A Love Story:  How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match”.

The woman who wrote it is named Amy Webb, and she interacted with about 100 different women over sites like . . . by creating ten fake profiles of guys, then pretending to be them.

And her research paid off, because at the end she created one, quote, “super profile” for herself.  And she ended up marrying one of the guys she met.

Here’s what she claims she figured out about successful online daters.

1.  They Sound Ambitious in Their Profiles-  Talking about your hopes and goals can go a long way.  And so can using phrases like, “I really want to travel,” because it makes it seem like you’ll be having a lot of fun in the future.

2.  Their Profiles Aren’t Very Long-  Around 500 words is good.  After that, it just gets too wordy and seems like you’re trying to convince people to date you.

3.  They Don’t Post Many Photos-  Between three and five is enough to give people a sense of what you look like.  If you post more than that, potential dates are more likely to nitpick and start looking for something wrong with you.

4.  They List Common Hobbies, Not Crazy Ones-  Things like tennis, hiking, and even video games are good.  But not things you have to explain . . . like your teddy bear collection or your passion for Lego art.

5.  They Aren’t Sarcastic-  You’ve probably heard this before, but sarcasm isn’t a good idea in things like dating profiles and emails.  In person it’s fine.  But when someone’s reading, it’s pretty easy to misinterpret it.

6.  They Wait About a Day Before Responding to a New Message-  On average, the most popular daters waited between 20 and 23 hours before they replied to the first few messages they got from someone.

And that’s not just the first message.  They also waited almost a day before replying, even after they’d already started chatting with the person.



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