The 4 Best Questions to Ask on a First Date

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One of the biggest ways to mess up a first date is to make the other person feel like they’re on a job interview.

So today we’ve got a list of four questions you can ask someone without making it feel like an interrogation.  Here they are . . .

1.  “What makes you laugh the most?”  According to countless surveys, one of the most common things people are looking for is a good sense of humor.  But obviously not everyone finds the same things funny.

So ask your date what makes them laugh the most.  It is sarcasm?  Being corny?  Dirty jokes?  What a person finds funny says a lot about their personality and perspective on life . . . and it lets you know how far you can push the boundaries.

2.  “What’s your passion?”  If they can’t name anything they’re passionate about, it’s kind of a red flag.  And if they do have a passion, it gives you a good opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

3.  “Is there something you’re working toward right now?”  This one sounds a lot like a job interview, so only go there if you sense there is something they want to do, and feel passionate about. The idea is to gauge how motivated your date is.

4.  “What do your Saturdays usually look like?”  How someone uses their free time says a lot about them.  Like if they work on their day off, they might be highly career-oriented . . . or maybe a workaholic.

Or if they spend the day coaching a youth soccer team, it’s a good bet they like sports and enjoy kids.  It’ll also give you a decent idea about how available they’ll be for future dates.

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