The 7 Ways You’re Most Likely to Get Caught Cheating

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Photo by:LEON NEAL/AFP/GettyImages

Photo by:LEON NEAL/AFP/GettyImages

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According to a new survey, if you’re cheating on your significant other . . . you should hold onto your phone at all times…Here are the seven ways you’re most likely to get caught cheating on a significant other:

1.  41% of cheaters who were caught got busted when their partner went through their cell phone.

2.  23% got caught when their partner checked their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

3.  13% left a file on their computer that their partner found.

4.  11% were caught in the ACT.

5.  5% were ratted out when their partner was told by a friend.

6.  3% of the time the partner was told by a family member.

7.  2% broke down and confessed.


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