Rihanna And Justin Bieber Messing Around???

Hard to believe this story, but you never know! Today Life&Style magazine put out a cover story about Justin Bieber cheating on Selena Gomez with Rihanna!!!!

Apparently this happened in 2011, when Selena and Justin’s relationship was getting really serious, and Selena just recently found out about it. A source from the magazine says, “It really cut like a knife because it happened in February of 2011, when Selena and Justin had been dating for months and were falling in love. It’s caused Selena to question their entire relationship. Selena thinks maybe they’ve been hooking up all along.”

Now, if we date back to February 2011, that would have made Justin 16 and Rihanna 23!!!!

Oh man! Call 911!!!!!!!

The source also says that during the taping for the Victoria’s Secret show, Justin and Rihanna constantly went to a nearby hotel together and their security blocked anyone and everyone from going on their floor. Hmmm…

Justin’s rep denies all of this…of course!

You think it’s true???

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