50 Cent Thinks He’s One Of The Best Rappers Alive

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Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

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50 Cent has two things, a great album 10 years ago and a HUGE……ego.

We all remember “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” which was 50’s debut album 10 years ago and it was great, 10 years ago. We have moved on 50 and you need to too especially because you are vocalizing your own success!

Yesterday he tweeted, “10 years, let’s see if I still got it…I’m a vet, I do this when I want to. I’M TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE”

You know he’s serious when he uses all CAPS in his tweet. I think he needs a reality check and a dictionary to look up the word “vet” which is the abbreviation for “veteran” which isn’t what he is. Top 5? Of all time? REALLY?

Good talk 50 cent, good talk.

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