Conor Maynard’s Simple Advice To Be A Great Valentine

Let’s stop thinking about what your valentine can do for you and start thinking about if you are doing a good job being your special someone’s valentine.

If you’ve given a listen to Conor Maynard’s new album, Contrast, then you know he’s wise beyond his years — and soulful to boot. asked him for his advice for Valentine’s Day and he surprised us with this simple and thoughtful answer.

“Some of the best things I’ve ever done [for Valentine’s Day] is when you really don’t focus on what you’re going to do and what’s around you — you focus on you two together. Sometimes going out to some big fancy restaurant can be just as good as staying home, watching films and just being together.”

Maynard hit the nail on the head when he told us, “Sometimes when it is so simple, it just goes so much more well.”

For those who want to “pull off something amazing” for their special someone, Maynard says it’s about, “overstepping the line [and] going a bit further than what they expect.”

He’s right: you really can’t ever go too far on Valentine’s Day.

It sounds like Maynard would make a great valentine — but it made us curious about what his wish is for this Valentine’s Day.

“I’m not in a relationship right now, so I don’t know,” Maynard shrugged. “Valentine’s Day will probably just be me ringing my best mate, being like, ‘Do you want to play football?'”

With some prodding, we got Maynard to confess that he might reconsider and spend it with one of the “lovely” people out there he’s met and connected with. But in case he didn’t, we strongly suggest sending your regards to him on this Valentine’s Day. He’s a catch.

-Courtney E. Smith,


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