[Video] Bruno Mars’ Sisters Form New Singing Group

There is a new pop signing group emerging called the Lylas. They’re from Oahu and have a pretty musical family, including a Grammy Award winning brother named Bruno Mars!

The girls held several different jobs before starting the group which includes a waitress,  loan officer, and a nursing student.

Group member Tahiti said: “We were born and raised with music as soon as we were out the womb. That’s what we were headed into. Growing up was always musical we sang everywhere we went,”

The ladies have released their first single now available on iTunes. They also are the subject of a new WE-TV docu-series that will follow the progress of their band.

“The biggest challenge we have had so far as a group was agreeing on a name because we were almost thank God the Bernadette’s after our mother. Sorry mom we love you, but it was going back and forth and we couldn’t agree on a name,” group member Tiara said.

Eventually they decided on “The Lylas” which means “Love You Like a Sister.”

Burno’s sisters, who make up the Laylas, are Tahiti, Presley, Jaime and Tiara.


Check out their single, “Come Back”

Source: http://www.artistdirect.com/entertainment-news/article/bruno-mars-s-sisters-to-star-in-we-tv-docu-series/10380315

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