Gucci Mane Is Changing His Name. Just Kidding!

Yesterday Gucci Mane tried to pull a Puff Daddy, or a P Diddy, or a Sean “Puffy” Adams. In other words Gucci Mane tried to change his name. He tweeted, “On July 2nd, I’m officially changing my rap name to GUWOP and retiring the great Gucci Mane.”

Wow, that’s a lot of anticipation pushing it all the way out to July, and he is referring to himself as the “great Gucci Mane.” Go on with your bad self GUWOP. He also added, “Thanks fans, for eight years as Gucci, Now, it’s Wop turn.”

He might be loving himself but his Twitter followers were not loving this idea at all. Some of the tweets said,

“Please don’t do that”
“Gucci Mane is changing his name to Guwop. His name actually got worse”
“Guwop is trending. Gucci has successfully achieved publicity stunt status.”

OUCH. After all this negative feedback he decided against the name change. Wow, so a little negative Twitter feedback is all it would have taken to prevent the 20 Diddy name changes? Take notes people!

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