Megalodon: Real or Hoax?

Everyone is all into Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” and they kicked it off with something that brought them their highest rated telecast in the 26 year history of the week long special.

Shark Week started on Sunday with what some people are calling a FAKE documentary called “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” , about a huge 70 foot prehistoric shark that suddenly showed up this past April. Yea….right.

Some scientists believe the Megalodon shark did exist at one point, but that it’s been extinct for one or two million years. Sounds a lot like the fast ball Animal Planet pulled on us a few months ago with the staged mermaid “documentaries”. The Discovery Channel has been catching a lot of grief over the hoax, especially their facebook page that has been blowing up with angry viewers who feel like their precious Shark Week time was wasted. Some people don’t believe it’s fake because of the “real footage” that was showed in the beginning of the special but we all know that doesn’t mean anything, we learned that after the Mermaid special.

Do what do you think about it? Did you watch the special and do you think it’s real or fake? I mean The Discovery Channel never officially made a statement about its authenticity so I guess there’s a chance…..

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