19 Celebrities Who Don’t Drink

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Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images for Sears

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images for Sears

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O.K., let’s keep it real. Most of us think that celebrities, love to party…and indulge in party favors (like drugs and alcohol). But, of course…that is far from the truth. I’m not sure of the drug aspect, but there are a lot of celebs who don’t indulge in liquor.  Here’s a list of 19 celebrities who don’t drink…

Jennifer Hudson . . . she says she’s never had a drink.

Blake Lively . . . says she doesn’t drink or do drugs, but doesn’t say why.

Russell Brand . . . says he’s been clean for 11 years.

Edie Falco . . . sober for 21 years.

Kim Kardashian . . . says she doesn’t drink.

Christina Ricci . . . chose to stop drinking 15 years ago.

Matthew Perry  . . . hasn’t had a drink since rehab in the late 90’s.

Kristin Davis . . . stopped drinking 25 years ago, because it was interfering with her acting career.

Kim Cattrall . . . says she doesn’t drink or take drugs.

Eminem . . . sober for several years, since battling addiction.

Jennifer Lopez . . . doesn’t drink, because it “ruins your skin.”

Ewan McGregor . . . says he doesn’t drink anymore, because it made him a “maniac.”

Colin Farrell . . . has been sober for seven years.

Kelly Osbourne . . . sober, after doing rehab a bunch of times.

Jada Pinkett Smith . . . sober for eight years, after she realized she was becoming addicted.

Gerard Butler . . . quit drinking 15 years ago.

Tyra Banks . . . says she only tasted alcohol once, when she was 12.

Bradley Cooper . . . stopped drinking nine years ago, after realizing he was partying too much and derailing his career.

Tobey Maguire . . . has been sober since he was 19.

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