Have You Heard Of E-40’s new wine, Earl Stevens Selections?

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E-40 at 1025 Live 2012

E-40 at 1025 Live 2012

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If you follow E-40 on social media you are well aware of his new wine selection. E-40 has been posting pictures and videos talking about his new wine for months and now it is officially here!

E-40 sat down with BlackEnterprise.com to talk about the launch of his new wine collection, Earl Stevens Selections.

The wine has been available since last Thursday (Oct.31st) to internet users. There are 3 flavors: Mango Moscato, a mango-flavored Mascato with an 18% alcohol content; Function Red Blend, a different kind of Cabernet with “full body;” and a simple but savory original Moscato.

Sounds good! Doesn’t it? For more info or to purchase any of the Earl Stevens Selections Moscastos  check out earlstevensselections.com.

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