“Dead” Man Wakes Up In Body Bag!

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STR/AFP/Getty Images

STR/AFP/Getty Images

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How scary is this? A man who was thought to have died, woke up inside of a body bag right before he was about to be embalmed! It really happened this week! Get the story…

The man was in a body bag in a funeral home in Lexington, Mississippi and when they saw him kicking and screaming, they called the police!

The coroner pronounced the man dead on Wednesday night after he couldn’t find a pulse. The man was was zipped up inside of a body bag and taken to the funeral home where he lay until he started kicking and screaming on Thursday morning! And as if the story couldn’t get any worse, the man was ABOUT TO BE EMBALMED!

WAPT.com says that the man was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition. They say that his pacemaker may have stopped working then restarted again.

Everybody is calling this man a miracle!

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