This Guy Claims To Be Michael Jackson’s Son!

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Kevork Djansezian-Pool/Getty Images

Kevork Djansezian-Pool/Getty Images

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A 31-year-old man has come forward to say that he is the long lost son of the late Michael Jackson and he says that he has the DNA test to prove it!

TMZ  reported a man named Brandon Howard is getting ready to prove to the world that he is Michael Jackson’s son! Brandon’s mom is Miki Howard, an artist who Joe Jackson managed in the ’80s.

Brandon claims to have DNA proof that links him to MJ. TMZ says that he claims to have recovered Michael’s DNA from an “orthodontic device worn by Michael” and Brandon says that the DNA matched.

They also say that once Brandon proves that Michael’s DNA is a match with his own, he plans on going after Michael’s estate.

Does he even look like Michael to you? See his pic HERE

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