Guy Jumps In To Help Woman In 5 On 1 Girl Fight [VIDEO]

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(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for YouTube)

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for YouTube)

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The internet is having mixed reactions to this video. It shows a group of girls attacking one woman and a man jumps in and starts hitting the women in the group! WARNING! VIDEO CONTAINS VIOLENCE! The video is called “Guy Steps In To Stop A 5 On 1 Jumping!” on Youtube. Some of the comments about this video from various websites are defending the man:

“I watch this video 3 times and to tell u the truth he really wasnt hitting them like dudes-just ruffing them up really…that could have been his sister or gf, so he did the right thing-those girls were really hurting her. I think he should of just knocked them out”

While other people saying that he shouldn’t have done this:

“domestic violence has to stop”

Here’s the video below: WARNING! VIDEO CONTAINS VIOLENCE! What do YOU think? Should that man have jumped in?

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