8 Things You Need to Know Before Removing Your Pubic Hair

There’s nothing wrong with a being well groomed…even down in your precious pubic region. But, you should groom that area with care, because there are things that could go wrong if you don’t take the proper precautions. Cosmo hooked us up, with eight thing to know before removing your pubic hair. Check these out…


1.) Don’t share a razor- Shaving with a razor can cause microscopic cuts on the skin, causing bleeding. So, of course using someone else’s used razor isn’t a good idea. Gynecologist Alyssa Dweck tells Cosmopolitan.com, “Sharing a razor with somebody who might have herpes or another type of infection can absolutely increase your chance of getting an infection.”

2.) Use a fresh razor frequently- Your precious area down there are sensitive, so if you use a dull razor, you are more likely to cut yourself.

3.) Always use shaving cream or soap- When you use cream or soap they serve as a friction barrier between the razor and your skin.

4.) Shave in the direction your pubic hair grows- When people shave their legs, they generally shave against the growth…don’t do this when shaving your bikini area. “In the genital area, you’re going to have a little less chance of that skin nicking and those little micro-abrasions if you shave in the direction of the hair,” says Dr. Dweck.

5.) Treat your razor burn with hydrocortisone cream- Dr. Dweck also recommends warm soap or bacitracin ointment.

6.) Avoid getting waxed when you have your period or you’re PMS- It doesn’t pose any danger to get waxed at that time of the month, but that area is sensitive, so it may hurt a little more.

7.) Understand your risks with laser hair removal- Especially if your hairs are light in color. Dr. Dweck warns, “Those with lighter hair may get some dark pigment changes at the hair follicles” during laser hair removal.

8.) When using scissors, make sure that you have good lighting. You don’t want to snip the wrong thing…that could be painful!



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