Target Is Selling Britney Spears Mens Shirts, And People Are Going Nuts Over Them!

Target is no slouch when it comes to being progressive with their clothing.

Their next biggest seller is a Britney Spears t-shirt that featuresĀ the cover art from Spears’ 2001 album, “Britney.”

The kicker? They’re in the men’s section…and for only $12.99.

Many have taken to Twitter to show off the new shirt, it’s just straight awesome!

Thanks Target, ya really outdid yaself. #britney #targetknowswhatsup

A post shared by Matthew Cigolini (@matthewcigolini) on

It seems that people especially love these Britney shirts and a similarĀ Selena shirt because in the past Target has only soldĀ men’s bandĀ shirts that depict male musicians, Yahoo reported.


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