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Man Cheats On Wife With Girl From Bar, She Stole His Testicles! [PICS]

A married man met a girl in a bar and one thing lead to another, then he blacked out. When he woke up, he was in pain and saw blood on his pants! She had stolen his testicles!

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Find Out How Much Longer You Have To Put Up With The Kardashians

What if I told you there was an end? It might not be an end in sight but there is still the possibility of an end. Are you sick of seeing the Kardashian’s all over […]

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Parents Get Tattoo Of Daughters Huge Birthmark On Themselves [PICS]

Their little girl was born with a birthmark on half of her body and her parents wanted her to know that it was nothing to be ashamed of… so they tattooed her birthmark on themselves too! See pics!

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KFC Made Coffee Cups That You Can Eat! [PICS]

Do your morning coffee cups pile up in your car when you’re done with them? They might not anymore! The folks over at KFC have made edible coffee cups! See what they look and taste like…

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See This Almost 300 Pound Catfish That Somebody Caught! [PICS]

This is the biggest catfish ever to be caught on rod and reel! It weighs 266 lbs and is almost 9 feet long! See pcis of this river monster…

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