MTV Is Giving Kanye 4 Minutes Of Live TV Time This SundayKanye is about to be back at it again this Sunday during the MTV awards.
Does The Weeknd Have New Music Coming Out? [VIDEO]If there is new music from The Weeknd coming, we can't wait.
Lil Dicky Teaches Safe Sex in New Trojan Condom Commercials And Tries To Jam Rob Gronkowski [VIDEOS]Lil Dicky might be the funniest person ever. The proof is in these videos.
Britney Spears Lip Syncing On Tomorrow Night's Carpool Karaoke? [VIDEO]Do you think she will pull her infamous move and lip sync the whole time?
San Francisco Police On The Hunt For A Man Who Bit Off A Bartenders Finger [PIC]Police are looking for this guy who was involved in a bar fight in SF.
Jay Z Protected Beyonce From Crazy Fan [VIDEO]Jay Z doesn't need security when it comes to Beyonce, he's got it handled.
Bachelorette Villain Chad Johnson Already Set To Appear On Another Reality TV ShowChad Johnson does two things, cause trouble and guarantee ratings so it's no surprise he's getting added to this new reality show.
Kim Kardashian Managed to Fake Out The Paparazzi With A Look Alike That Looks Nothing Like Her [PICS]Paparazzi mistook this girl for Kim Kardashian. I don't know how, but they did.
Frank Ocean Released.....Something [VIDEO]Is this what we have been waiting for or is there more coming from Frank Ocean?
New Kids On The Block With Be the Special Guest On Popular Netflix Original Series [PIC]Nothing like your favorite boy band from the 80's/90's on your favorite TV show from the 80's/90's!
What Really Happened With Ryan Lotche [VIDEO]So does this mean the original story Ryan Lochte told was totally bogus?
Simone Biles Boyfriend is Even Hotter Than Zac Efron [PICS]Sign me up for everything she's getting. The medals, the boys, I'll take it all.

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