Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino Cast In Stand Alone Han Solo MovieThis is a big break in anyone's career!
Chance The Rapper Shot Entire "How Great" Video On iPhone [VIDEO]This whole video was shot on an iPhone, pretty unique.
Justin Bieber Went Off On His Fans Again [VIDEO]Justin Bieber seems to be in a never ending battle with his fans.
Proof That People Will Go Crazy With Anything That Has Kanye's Name On It [VIDEO]People will believe anything that involves Kanye. Here's the proof.
Security Footage Leaked From Kim Kardashians Robbery [VIDEO]At least Paris law enforcement got SOMETHING.
"American Crime Story" Renewed For Season 3 And Theme RevealedI can't wait for this season, stories about serial killers are always super interesting.
Eminem Dropped A New 8 Minute Song "Campaign Speech"Eminem also announced that he's working on a new album.
Pumpkin Sushi Exists [PIC]I don't think this is crossing the line, in fact, I love it.
Lil Wayne Says He Doesn't Know What Racism Is [VIDEO]Lil Wayne shared an experience with a white police officer when he was a kid that changed his views on racism forever.
Grandson Has Pizza Delivered To His Grandma's House After Not Hearing From Her Days After Hurricane Matthew [VIDEO]If all guys were this creative, there would be a lot less single girls in the world.
Even Bone Thugs N Harmony Almost Made Ken Bone An Official Member [VIDEO]Ken Bone could have been an official member of Bone Thugs if it wasn't for his fetish.
Sean Kingston Hit Fan With Microphone [VIDEO]Sean Kingston probably shouldn't be hitting fans at this point in his career.

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Police Officer Says He Was Paid To Help Tupac Fake His Death And That Tupac Is STILL ALIVE!

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