We Finally Found Out What Happened To Andy's Dad From 'Toy Story' [Video]The truth about Andy's dad!
Woman's FitBit Helped Prove Her Husband Killed Her [PICS]This man claims that somebody else shot his wife but her Fitbit gave investigators info to prove that he was not telling the truth...
Pregnant Beyonce Sex Tape Rumored To Have Been Sold On The Dark WebHackers are rumored to have sold Beyonce's sex tape for $50K on the dark web, and are still selling the tapes of Emma Watson, Mischa Barton, and Danielle Bregoli (the 'Cash Me Outside' girl).
8-Year-Old Boy DRIVES Sister To McDonald's Drive-ThruThis 8-year-old made it to McDonalds driving his dad's car, and he learned how by watching YouTube videos!
Aspiring 'Rapper' 2Pec Jumps Into Ocean To Avoid Paying Restaurant Bill [VIDEO]Upon receiving his $621 bill, this 'rapper' did the only logical thing: jump into the ocean and swim away...
Crayola Is Retiring One of Its 24 Core Colors For the First Time Ever.Crayola is going to retire one of its 24 core colors for the first time ever.
Four Things Your Credit Card Company Will Do if You Just Ask.According to a new survey, here are four things your credit card company will usually do for you if you just call them up and ask . . .
Spiders Could Eat Everyone On Earth In One Year..... If They Wanted ToLet's just hope that the spider population doesn't start seeing humans as food.....
Woman Banned From Tinder After Charging Men That Matched With HerWas this woman hilariously cruel, or a total genius?
The Fattest Cities In America...Guess Where Sac Landed???All of the cities in the Top 10 are in the South including ones in Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama. Check to see where Sacramento landed.
Woman Crashes Car Because She Saw Bigfoot On RoadsideThis woman blamed her car crash on Bigfoot!
A Cloud Has Been Created That Only Rains Tequila [VIDEO]Do you wish clouds rained more than just water? Then you need to check out this tequila cloud!

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