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Who Was Almost In ‘Forrest Gump’?

If you haven’t seen Forrest Gump, you have been living under a rock. We all know “Bubba Gump” aka actor Mykelti Williamson but do you know who auditioned for the role and didn’t get it? […]

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Suge Knight

Floyd Mayweather Not Paying Suge Knight’s Bail

Suge Knight is being held on a $10 million bail, which means he can’t afford to bail himself out but if Floyd Mayweather wins the fight this weekend, he would be able to afford it. […]

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Cheater Boyfriend Shames Himself In Public For Girlfriend To Forgive Him! [VIDEO]

A man who cheated on his girlfriend went out in public to shame himself and have strangers throw eggs at him and humiliate him in the hopes of his girlfriend forgiving him! See the video + pics…

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Do You Think Kids With Lice Should Be Sent Home From School? These Dr’s Say No!

This group of doctors say that kids SHOULD NOT be sent home from school if the school finds lice in their hair! See what they are saying that the school should do instead of sending them home early…

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Have You Seen Drake’s Sister Raemaiah? [PICS]

Drake went out to dinner with his sister Raemaiah last night and she is beautiful! See pics…

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