Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Report Details ReleasedMonths after getting robbed for millions at gun point, we can look at actual report details in Kim’s own words.
Russell Took the “L” But Ciara Bounced Back (at Future)Ciara’s husband may have lost the game, with her Ex (Future) cheering against him, but she lets it be known who has the goodies.
Superfly Snuka Passes Away At Age 73After a long struggle with stomach cancer, Wrestling legend Jimmy Snuka dies at 73.
New Details On The Nintendo Switch.Here is everything you need to know about the new details about the Nintendo Switch.
Get In Shape Now By Preparing For The Imminent Zombie ApocalypseIf you want to thrive in out post-apocalyptic future, you’re going to have to get in shape
Mice Turned Into Killers.Step aside killer zombies: scientists have delved deep into ancient brain circuits to reveal neurons that can instantly turn mild-mannered mice into ferocious predators
Best HORROR Flicks For Friday The 13th.Friday the 13th is the perfect night to stay in and watch a scary movie. These are the Top 10 movies you should watch tonight.....with the lights on.
Hackers Might Steal Your FingerprintsHackers actually have the ability to steal and clone your fingerprints from your pictures.
Could Nutella Give You CANCER?Now I know the world is going to end. There is now scientific proof that Nutella can potentially give you cancer.
Bad News For "Days of Our Lives" FansThe long running soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" could be cancelled.
America Wants Donald Trump to Delete His Twitter AccountA new poll shows that most of us want Donald to LITERALLY delete his account.
First-Person Tetris Is A New Twist On The Game...Literally.First-Person Tetris is just like regular Tetris, with one key difference: Instead of the pieces spinning, you spin.

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