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Teen’s Smiling Selfie at Auschwitz Goes Viral, Sparks Outrage

Buzzfeed is reporting a teen named Breanna has sparked outrage after tweeting a smiling selfie in front of Auschwitz concentration camp. The photo, which was posted in June but went viral this weekend, is captioned, […]

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Official 50 Shades Of Grey TEASER! [VIDEO]

If you’ve read the 50 Shades of Grey books, I’m sure you’ve been anticipating the movie that is set to come out in February of 2015! They have done a good job of keeping images […]

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Dads Who Owe Child Support Arrested For Flaunting Money On Facebook!

These dads have NOT paid child support for their kids, but they did go bragging about buying new cars, football tickets and building a recording studio on Facebook- and now they’re in jail!

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Mom Saves Toddler From Lion Attack! [VIDEO]

A toddler walked past a young lion that was tied up at a zoo and the lion pounced on top of the boy! Luckily, his mother was close by and rescued the child! See the crazy video…

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The Selfie Toaster! Burn Your Selfie On A Piece Of A Toast!

If you want to be reminded of how beautiful you are EVERY MORNING, this selfie toaster (that actually burns an image of you on your toast) is a MUST HAVE! LOL! See what the selfies on toast look like…

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