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Toddler Breaches White House Security, Ends Up on Lawn

According to NBC news, a toddler who managed to get away from his parents and squeeze through the fence surrounding the White House lawn caused a brief lockdown of the premises last night before the […]

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Learn The Dance To Lil Jon’s ‘Bend Ova’ Tutorial [VIDEO]

When you hear Lil Jon and Tyga sing ‘Bend Ova’, the choreography sounds easy enough, right? But there’s actually more steps than just bending over and making your knees touch your elbows! Learn all the steps in this video…

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Floyd Mayweather Is Getting Bathed Like A Baby! [VIDEO]

Floyd Mayweather posted a video of him in the bathtub and a woman was bathing him like “Prince Akeem” in the movie “Coming To America!” Check out the ridiculaous video…

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[Video] Learn The Wife Zone Chart To See If Your Woman Is Wifey Material

After watching this… I’m speechless. The title says it all. Just sit back, watch and learn. It could possibly save you and your relationship. Watch as this professor breaks down women and determines if their […]

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Woman Finds Long-Lost Mother, Discovers That She’s WITH HER OWN BROTHER!

Is the Jerry Springer show still on because this family would be perfect to go on there! A woman was looking for her long-lost mother and she got with a man whose mother left him when he was young too. Turns out, it was the SAME woman who left both of them as kids- THEY ARE BROTHER AND SISTER!

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Watch This Bear Walk Upright On Two Feet Like a Human! [VIDEO]

Somebody caught a video of a bear walking upright on his hind legs LIKE A HUMAN! Some people are saying THIS is what people could be mistaking for Bigfoot! Check out the video…

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Cop In Trouble For Rant About People On Food Stamps, Killing Spree [PIC]

A cop from Texas has been placed on leave while his department investigates a post on his Facebook ranting about people abusing food stamps and what he said that he’d do if he ever “snapped”! See what he wrote…

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#ShareACoke Baby Announcement

The newest trend these days when it comes to announcing a baby on the way is the three pairs of shoes. Normally its the Mom wearing shoes, then the dad then there will be a […]

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Justin Bieber Ringtone Scares Off Bear From Attacking Man!

Well, we’ve finally found something that Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” is useful for… to scare off attacking bears! One man is crediting Bieber’s annoying song for saving his life from a bear attack!


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There’s A Pic Of George Clooney’s Private Parts [VIDEO]

What people do before they become big stars sometimes comes back to haunt them later in their careers. Roseanne has confirmed that George took a pic of his junk when he was a guest star on her TV show back in the day and posted it on the fridge that was on set!

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Prayer Gets You 15% Off Your Check At This Restaurant!

A restaurant in North Carolina is offering diners a 15% discount, IF THEY PRAY during their meal!

102.5 KSFM–08/04/2014

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Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Writing Tell-All Autobiography

Daily Mail is reporting that Lindsay Lohan will soon be giving fans an inside look at her dramatic personal life through her first tell-all autobiography. Lohan has reportedly held a string of meetings with publishing […]

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Beyonce Addresses Elevator Brawl in “Flawless” Remix

Beyonce addresses the now-infamous Jay Z and Solange elevator in a new remix for the song “Flawless.“ The surprise single, featuring Nicki Minaj, was released Saturday night. In it, Beyonce sings, “We escalate, up in […]

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Tara Reid Releases Sharknado-Themed “Shark by Tara” Perfume

Tara Reid is capitalizing on her Sharknado-fueled comeback with a Sharknado-themed fragrance. “Shark by Tara“ is available for purchase off Tara Reid’s official website at the price of $24.95 a bottle. “Shark by Tara is […]

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