Usher Snapped A Naked Selfie! [NSFW]Damn Usher!
What We Know About 'Fuller House' Season 2The plot thickens for season 2 of "Fuller House."
Throwback Alert: MTV 'Cribs' Coming to Snapchat!You probably remember the MTV series 'Cribs' from the early 2000s.
Ellen Meets an Impressive Michael Jackson Impersonator [VIDEO]People impersonate Michael Jackson all the time, I would be willing to bet he's the one of the most impersonated celebrities.
Check Out Elizabeth Banks As 'Power Rangers' Villain Rita Repulsa! [Pic]Did you know that there is a 'Power Rangers' movie reboot coming in 2017?!
Kanye West & Tidal Smacked With A Lawsuit!So he lied....
Beyonce Has The World Thirsty For "Lemonade"If you've been waiting in formation since the Super Bowl for Beyonce's next instructions...apparently it's "Lemonade".
The Family Who Pulled the Zombie Apocalypse Prank on Their Sister Sat Down With Ellen [VIDEO]It has over 15 million hits and it's only been up for 4 days. INSANE. It's gained so much popularity because it's not only very well done, but also hilarious.
Do You Know More Avengers or Presidents [VIDEO]Avengers or Presidents?
Excited For The #MACSelena Collection?! It's Finally Here! [Pic]#MACSelena lipstick!
Is Robert Downey Jr. Moving To Roseville?Robert Downey Jr. is sick of the L.A. lifestyle!
Sacramento Kings Play Video During Final Game At Sleep Train Arena [VIDEO]Check out this video they played at the final game at Sleep Train Arena

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