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New Champagne-Flavored Ice Cream Laced With Viagra

“Edible innovator“ Charlie Harry Francis has outdone himself, creating a champagne-flavored ice cream that’s laced with 25 mg of Viagra. According to his website, the new flavor is, fittingly, called “The Arousal.” Unfortunately, it’s not [...]

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Teen Asks Demi Lovato for Help After Tweeting Terrorist Threat

A teenager tweeted a terrorist threat to American Airlines yesterday, then begged Demi Lovato to come to her rescue after American Airlines contacted the FBI. According to the NY Post, the threat read, “@AmericanAir hello my [...]

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Your Partner Knows When You’re Faking It, Study Finds

According to Waterloo News, a new study suggests that there is no reason to start faking it in bed — because more than likely, your sexual partner will know. And the findings don’t just apply [...]

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Mom Tries to Pin Shoplifting Spree on 12-Year-Old Daughter

An Illinois mother was charged with a felony this week after blaming her Sephora shoplifting spree on her 12-year-old daughter. According to Orland Park Patch, Amani Ibrahim was spotted by a security guard stuffing eyeliners [...]

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Kimye’s Wedding Guest List Revealed

Hollywood Life is so certain that they have the guest list for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s upcoming wedding that they made a special announcement about it on VH1’s The Gossip Table. Apparently, about 200 [...]

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Riff Raff Dishes on Date With Katy Perry

Rapper Riff Raff says he’s got the hots for Katy Perry since taking her out on a date last week reports TMZ. The two went for sushi, then went bowling, and also knocked back a [...]

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Fake Cop Obsessed With Mooching Free Continental Breakfasts

Roche Harris has never actually spent a night at the Staybridge Hotel in Dunwoody, Georgia. That hasn’t stopped him from thrice trying to eat the hotel’s complimentary continental breakfast, a luxury afforded only to paying [...]

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Wife Stabs Husband for ‘Worshipping NASCAR’

A woman in Tennessee stabbed her husband for “worshipping the NASCAR race at Bristol,” according to Gawker. The incident began on Sunday night when Stephanie Hamman crashed her car through a local church, then called [...]

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NSA Pretended to Be Facebook to Infect Millions of Computers

As part of its efforts to install malware on millions of computers worldwide, the NSA impersonated Facebook to trick targets into downloading their spying software. “The NSA has masqueraded as a fake Facebook server, using [...]

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Family Calls 911 After Huge, Maniacal Cat Traps Them in Bedroom

An Oregon family’s 22-pound cat attackedtheir 7-month-old baby on Sunday. As punishment, an adult family member kicked the feline in the rear according to UPI. Big mistake. After getting the boot in the butt, the [...]

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Did Andrew Garfield Stiff Cancer-Stricken Batkid at Oscars?

Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield was supposed to be a presenter at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony alongside 5-year-old cancer survivor Miles Scott, who recently fought fake crimes in San Francisco due to the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s generosity. But while [...]

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Bitcoin Exchange Goes Bust; Virtual Currency in Trouble

According to AP and The New York Times, a major bitcoin exchange has gone bust after secretly racking up catastrophic losses, a potentially fatal blow for the exotic new form of virtual money. An 11-page [...]

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Harold Ramis, “Ghostbusters” star, dead at 69

According to the Chicago Tribune, Harold Ramis, one of Hollywood’s most successful comedic actors, writers and directors, died early this morning from complications from a rare autoimmune disease at the age of 69. Ramis was [...]

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Eight New Relationship Statuses That Need To Be On Facebook

Facebook currently offers less than a dozen options for users to define their relationship status by. But what if you’re somewhere between single and in a relationship? What if “it’s complicated“ is a gross understatement [...]

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Kim Kardashian Slams Latest Butt Implant Rumors: ‘Get a Life!’

Kim Kardashian has expressed outrage over the latest round of rear-end rumors about her. In a lengthy rant posted to Twitter yesterday, the reality star wrote, “I’m seeing all these nonsense tabloids claiming I have [...]

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