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Rebel Wilson Wants Justin Bieber To Be Her Valentine [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber is single, Rebel Wilson is single……why don’t they both STOP being single and get together. That’s what Rebel wants and she made it very clear when she talked to E! News! Apparently the […]

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NFL Players Attempting To Style Their Daughters’ Hair [VIDEO]

Is there anything cuter than big professional football guys with their daughters? The correct answer is: NO. In a Pantene commercial set to run during the big game this Sunday, you will see three dads attempt […]

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Man Arrested For Standing Outside Of Taylor Swift’s House [PICS]

I get creeped out super easily. I can’t imagine being a celebrity and having weird people after you every single day. Just yesterday, a man was arrested outside of Taylor Swift’s house. According to TMZ, […]

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Kevin Hart’s Hyundai Commercial To Run During The Big Game [VIDEO]

He’s in a new commercial for Hyundai and he’s showcasing the cars security features in a hilarious way.

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Want To Prank The Telemarketers That Won’t Stop Calling?

This genius, and downright amazing guy, has invented a fantastic way to prank telemarketers

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Sacramento Man Said He Got Carjacked But He Ended Up Just Being Super High [VIDEO]

A 52-year-old Sacramento man called 911 last week and said he had been carjacked and forced to drive from Sacramento to Woodland. After a 911 call, several police departments called and a K-9 unit on the scene, a surprising discovery was made.

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The Best Ad You Will See This Sunday During The Big Game [VIDEO]

One of my favorite parts of the Big Game this Sunday will be the commercials. We have already seen a few that came out earlier last week and a new one just hit the internet […]

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Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Secret Meeting [PIC]

Looks like the women of the Wiz Khalifa/ Kanye West feud stepped up to the plate and squashed all the drama last night during a secret meeting that has now gone public thanks to Instagram.

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This Homeless Man Now Accepts Credit Cards [PIC]

How many times have you used the excuse,”I don’t have any cash on me” when a homeless person has asked you for money? Can’t use that excuse with Abe Hagenston from Detroit because he now […]

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What’s Even Crazier Than Blac Chyna Getting Arrested?

Isn’t it a little too perfect that Blac Chyna got arrested at the Texas airport with all the publicity around her and Rob Kardashian’s budding relationship? If you missed why she got arrested, you can […]

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Russell Wilson Took His WCW Words Straight From Google

“I kissed her and she had honey sweet lips that were lilac soft.”

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Twitter Beef T-Shirts For Sale [PICS]

One shirt says, “I Own Your Child!!!!” and the other says, “You Let A Stripper Trap You.”

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Channing Tatum Talks Beyonce With Ellen [VIDEO]

It was possibly the best moment of 2016 so far, when Beyonce came on stage to dance and Lip Sync with Channing Tatum on the season premiere of Lip Sync Battle.

102.5 KSFM–01/28/2016

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Here’s A Taste Of The Big Game Commercials [VIDEO]

Here’s a few teasers of what’s to come on Sunday, February 7th.

102.5 KSFM–01/28/2016

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Rihanna Drops New Music ‘#Work’ Featuring Drake

What do you think? All you hoped and dreamed?

102.5 KSFM–01/27/2016


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