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What Diva Celebrates Her Birthday 4 Times a Day?

The big joke is always that girls have a birthday MONTH instead of a birthDAY. What if I told you a famous female singer celebrated her birth 4 times a day? She did a super […]

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Macy’s Says ‘Bye Bye’ To Trump

First Univision, then NBC and now Macy’s has pulled the plug on Donald Trump, according to CBS. He is going down in true politician form after calling immigrants from Mexico, “killers and rapists.” A petition […]

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Is There Beef Between Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears?

It wasn’t that long ago that “Pretty Girls” came out–Britney’s song featuring Iggy Azalea. It made a big splash at first with a lot of hype around the music video and then they performed it […]

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BET Award Highlights

Last night was the highly anticipated BET Awards and they didn’t disappoint. I feel like they get better and better every single year. Some of the highlights from last night were Diddy bringing out the […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends Pro-Gay Marriage Facebook Post

After Friday’s Supreme Court ruling which made gay marriage legal in all 50 states, everyone on Facebook was changing their profile pictures to have a rainbow filter on them. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger took a picture […]

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Unlikely Best Friends [VIDEO]

Here’s a feel good Friday video/story for you presented by Kleenex. It’s a tale of a dog named “Chance” and his owner who deals with the daily struggles he does. Chance was hit by a […]

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Same Sex Marriage Legal in All 50 States

Before this morning, only 37 of the 50 states allowed and recognized same sex marriage. As of this morning, after a 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court, same sex marriage is legal in all 50 […]

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Screech Is Going To The Slammer

Remember back around New Year’s when Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved By The Bell) stabbed someone in a bar fight? He got sentenced yesterday to four months in prison which starts this Sunday when he has […]

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All Dogs Go To Retirement Homes? [VIDEO]

We have heard the line “All dogs go to Heaven” but have you heard of all dogs going to retirement homes? Well, maybe not ALL dogs, but there are definitely a lot that have checked […]

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The Newest Social Media Trend is Here

First came selfies, then remember the app where you could put your face in a hole and it looked like you were standing next to your favorite celebrity? Then came planking, the ice bucket challenge, […]

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Night Life Turned Right Presents ‘Teens Got Talent’

ATTENTION TALENTED TEENS of SACRAMENTO! Vice Mayor Allen Wayne Warren has teamed up with Sacramento PD, Roberts Family Development Center, and a numerous amount of Community Partners to present…TEENS GOT TALENT! A talent competition for […]

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Here’s Your New Spider-Man

There’s been a lot of buzz over who’s going to be the new Spider-Man in the movie due out July of 2017! Marvel just announced who will play Peter Parker/ Spider Man and it is….. […]

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Harry Styles Called Out an Old Friend At His Concert [VIDEO]

Even the biggest names in Hollywood weren’t always cool. Take the band One Direction for instance, they are heart throbs! If I was 13 I would have posters of them all over my room, especially […]

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No More Camel Toe

Did you hear about the interview Ronda Rousey did where she said her biggest fear was having camel toe after a fight? She said the first thing she does after a fight is pull her […]

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Animal Poop On The Menu At Disney World

It’s amazing what people will pay for especially when it’s associated with Disney. Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando is introducing something new to the menu, Animal Poop! According to the Inquisitir, it will sell for […]

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