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Pro Boxer Adrien Broner Accused Of Violent Robbery With A Gun

This story is DOWN RIGHT embarrassing.


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4 Rules for Having Friends of the Opposite Sex When You’re in a Relationship

There is a percentage of people who says that it’s ok – as long as they follow certain guidelines. Here are 4 of those guidelines.


An African American Employee Was Sent Home From Work, Because Of Her Hair

Upon arrival to her new job two weeks ago, Akua was told to go home because of her hair.

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Listen To Win! 4-Packs To Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

It’s Spring Break at Discovery Kingdom and Wayne, Jay and Megan are hooking you up all week-long with tickets!


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5 ‘Healthy Foods’ That Aren’t Healthy

Have you ever been on a diet and you can’t decide what’s considered “healthy foods” to eat?


6 Interesting Beyoncé Facts

If you don’t feel that you know enough about her, popsugar.com has hooked us up with some interesting facts about Queen Bey.


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Here’s Another Thing That Viagra Is Good For, That Benefits Women!

When Viagra hit the scene years ago, a lot of men and women were excited about the miracle drug, and it’s makes total sense. Who wouldn’t be excited about a small blue pill that can […]


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The 14 Best Fat Burning Foods

When it comes to losing weight, why does so many people automatically think that they have to cut out the foods that they like to eat? In order to lose weight, you don’t have to […]


6 White Celebrities That Are Married To Black Women

It’s almost 2016 and we still have to deal with racism…Which absolutely disgusts me!!! I HATE RACISM! So, every opportunity that I get, I like to recognize black and white unity. Especially, black and white marital unity. […]



5 Proven Reasons Why It’s Okay to Have Sex On The First Date

How many time’s have you heard, “I can’t, it’s our first date”? Ummm…who came up with this rule? Hey, I feel that if we’re attracted to each other, and safe, then we should let our […]


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Is Your Dream Job On The ‘Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs’ List?

For those out there that listen to your favorite radio personality on your favorite station, and think to yourself,” I want to do that!!! It can’t be too bad. Tell a few jokes, give a […]

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Adele’s ‘Hello’ Has Been Covered BEAUTIFULLY by R&B Legend Joe

We often hear covers of songs that are either extremely mediocre or decent. Actually, it’s dangerous to cover a song of an EXTREMELY talented artist, because you have to bring your “A” game. For instance, […]


Has Khloe Kardashian Been Begging O.J. Simpson for a Paternity Test?

There’s been so much speculation over the past years regarding Khloe Kardashian not knowing who her biological father is. Not long ago, rumors hit the web saying that O.J. Simpson could possibly be her father. Could […]



10 Things Guys Secretly Want To Do On Your First Date

Ladies!!!! Have you ever wondered what that guy is thinking, when he’s peering ever so deeply into your eyes, on your first date? Well, the guessing game is over, I’m going to enlighten you on  […]



Six Dating Screw Ups That Could Ruin Your Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and a lot of people are dating. For some reason dating during the holidays can be tricky. I don’t know why, but there’s often ugly break-ups during the holidays. Well, if you […]



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