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WHAT?!?!? Kids Are Getting High by Smearing Lip Balm on Their Eyelids?

O.k. It seems that people are finding more and more creative ways to get high. I though that drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk, was strange. But, this may take the cake. Apparently, kids have […]


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10 of Hollywood’s Worst Tippers

It’s so hard to believe that a person can be worth SO MUCH money, and still be extremely stingy when it comes to tipping a server at a restaurant. If a server is rude, or just […]


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7 Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day

This should make chocolate lovers HAPPY!!!! While we’ve been hearing for years how bad chocolate is for your health, I’d like to be the first to tell you…THAT’S  B.S.!!! It seems that numerous new studies […]


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Celebrity Hookups You Never Knew About

Being a celebrity in Hollywood can have it’s  benefits, like making the big bucks,  the fame, and hooking up with other celebrities. We usually hear about celebrity couples in the tabloids. But, sometimes celebrities keep […]


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WHAT?!?! Ellen DeGeneres and Rob Lowe Kissed on “Ellen” Yesterday

Everyone loves The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Packed with fun, witty jokes, and unexpected surprises, Ellen has won the hearts of many people across the globe. She always seems to “one up” her last surprise…but I […]


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If You’re On A Diet…Here’s 8 Foods That Burn Fat

There’s great news for people out there that are trying to lose weight. Redbook has given us a list of super foods that supposedly burn fat. The next time that you go to the grocery […]


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5 Things Women Say That Make Guys Run The Other Way

When it comes to finding a mate, most people have “red flags” that will cue them to run in the opposite direction. So, watch what you see when you’re on the hunt for some loving. […]



20 Hit Songs That Were Written In Just Minutes

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to write a hit song? Think about how many millions of dollars a hit song makes. Surprisingly, some of those hits…..only took a few minutes to write. […]

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The Real Names of Some of Your Favorite Celebrities

Whether you know it or not, your favorite celeb isn’t sharing their real birth names with the world. The Huffington Post put together a big list of celebrities’ real names. Check it out… Jamie Foxx’s […]


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5 Interesting Facts About Prince

Prince has been a musical icon for decades, and he has the fan base to prove it. Known as a private person, he has come out of his shell in the past recent years. Just […]


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Eight Celebrites Who Lost Their Virginity to Other Stars

Most of us remember our first time getting our freak on. Some have good memories, and some have bad memories. I personally like to hear about “first time” situations, especially when they come from celebrities […]


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Ooooops! School Sorry for Putting Fried Chicken on Black History Month Menu

This was probably a bad idea. According to CBS, an all-girls Christian private school is under scrutiny for putting fried chicken on the lunch menu, supposedly intending to celebrate Black History Month. The menu also […]


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WARNING: Hot Pockets Recalled Due to Diseased Meat

Nestle is recalling two kinds of Hot Pockets that may contain meat that has already been recalled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The beef is from California’s Rancho Feeding Corporation, and was recalled […]


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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Stage of a Relationship

Valentine’s Day is next Friday, so if you haven’t bought a gift yet, I’m hear to help you. Most people try to gauge what type of Valentine’s Day present on how long they’ve been with […]


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There’s Such a Thing as Sexually Transmitted Food Poisoning?

This is AWFUL, but you NEED to know this. There’s a type of food poisoning called CIGUATERA, that’s caused by eating predator fish (i.e. snapper, eel, grouper, barracuda, etc.). io9.com reported if these fish become […]





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