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Everybody Panic! The Media Says Kids Are Snorting Candy, and It Can Lead to Nasal Maggots

This is CRAZY. There’s a new panic going around. Apparently, kids are taking Smarties candies, crushing them, and then snorting them like cocaine. According to CBS, this can cause nose maggots. There’s already been a [...]


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10 Weirdest Sex Laws in America

Now I’ve seen some interesting lists on the internet. But THIS list is OFF THE HOOK!!!! Here are some of the weirdest sex laws in the U.S. brought to you from io9.com. And YES…these are [...]


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5 Compliments Men Hate

Hey ladies!!! Just FYI, guys hate when women are passive-aggressive. Like when women “compliment ” guys…but, the guy thinks that they REALLY mean something else. So, check out five “compliments” they hate, as reported by [...]


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15 Ways to Spike Hot Chocolate

It’s that time of the year where it’s cold outside, AND the holiday season is here. Sounds like the perfect scenario for HOT CHOCOLATE.  There’s nothing like a cup of delicious goodness to make you [...]


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6 Dating Screw-Ups That Could Ruin Your Holidays,

Dating during the holidays should be like dating any other time of the year…right? Well, sometimes it’s not. For some reason dating can get awkward during the holiday season. Here are six things you should [...]


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3 Celebrities Who Were Bullied

It seems like bullies are running rampant in today’s society. We’ve heard awful stories, of kids AND adults being victimized by these cowards. Surprisingly enough, COMMON FOLKS aren’t the only one’s hindered by bullies…”The National [...]


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The 4 Healthiest Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and most of us are worried about the extra pounds that we may potentially pack on. But, don’t fret…there are a lot Thanksgiving foods that we can eat, that are actually good [...]


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Radio Is Still the #1 Way People Find Music…and Nothing Else Compares

If you’re still undecided on if radio is the best medium for people to discover new music…well, this SHOULD convince you. USA Today learned a new study by Nielsen shows radio is STILL the #1 [...]


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10 Dating Truths No One Will Tell You

After reading a number of dating-advice books, blogger Jen Glantz has concluded that such self-help tomes will only “twist your thoughts, your judgments and your actions around like a tangled computer chord, leaving you acting [...]


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6 Ways to Save Cell Phone Battery Life

If you’re anything like me, you get annoyed when you are using your cell phone, and the LOW BATTERY alert pops up. Well, there are ways to help slow down the battery drainage. Reader’s Digest [...]


5 Halloween Pranks Covered by Car Insurance

If you woke up this morning and your car wasn’t the way you left it last night, don’t freak out.  Most Halloween pranks are covered by your regular car insurance policy. Carinsurance.com lists five pranks [...]


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Age Twentysomething Party VERSUS A Thirtysomething Party

A lot can change in a decade — including your nightlife habits. BuzzFeed’s created a list of the differences between a twentysomething party and a thirtysomething party: 20s – The fun doesn’t get going until [...]


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This Halloween Prank is Awesome!

It’s that time of the year, to scare poor souls to death…or at least, scare them to RUN!!! A comedian named Tom Mabe disguised his remote control helicopter as a scary looking version of the [...]


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Gas Could Soon Drop Below $3 a Gallon Nationwide

Good news for consumers: Gasoline prices are falling fast. The national average is now $3.34 a gallon, down 13 cents from a month ago. In 10 states, prices are below $3.25 per gallon, while many [...]


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10 Things Parents Don’t Know About Teen Driving

This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week.  And a new study  released by the National Safety Council found that a lot of parents don’t realize how unsafe their teens are behind the wheel. For [...]