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Your Zodiac Sign Can Determine Which Diet Will Work Best For You? Wow!

This is pretty interesting. A lot of people think that zodiac signs and everything that they represent, are a bunch of hog wash. I personally believe that there is some validity in the whole “zodiac” […]


Ladies!!! Top Signs You’re Dating Someone Selfish In Bed

Ok, we’ve ALL been selfish in the bedroom before during or before sex. Nobody’s perfect. But if selfishness happens all of the time with your mate…then there can be a problem. Well, there are some signs […]

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Hear A Playable Record Made From Tortilla

Some guy actually made a playable record out of a tortilla. Seriously. YouTube’s Rapture Records took a uncooked tortilla and etched it with a laser and it actually plays. And what better song to play […]

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Surprise!!!! Ten Things Vegetarians Eat That Have Meat

Most of us have friends that are, or claim to be vegetarians. Well, here’s some news that might drive your vegetarian friends berserk!!!! Some of the things that we seem to think are vegetarian friendly…actually aren’t. […]


Women Actually Name Their Breasts? Plus Five Fun and Interesting Breasts Stats

We all know that most men are so enamored by women’s breasts. There’s even some questions that we wouldn’t mind asking women, regarding their breasts. But, asking women about their boobies can be considered rude. So, […]

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10 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you are dating someone and you’re wondering…is this relationship going in the right direction…or is it just not going anywhere at all? Well, the Today show did a list of signs that your relationship […]

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A Woman Went to the Hospital for Stomach Pains . . . And Doctors Found She’d Inserted a Potato For Birth Control?

This doesn’t seem like a good idea for a woman…OR a man. A 22-year-old woman in Colombia went to the hospital because she was suffering from stomach pains. After a quick investigation, the doctors found out […]


Ray J and Princess Love

Ray J Gets Brutally BEAT DOWN By His Girlfriend!

Domestic violence is NEVER a good thing but it seems that we are seeing and hearing more domestic violence stories among common folk and even celebrities. TMZ reported that last Wednesday, Ray J was beat […]

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Sex Injuries Are Up, Thanks to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

O.K. This can’t be good. The numbers for Americans going to the emergency room because of sex-related injuries has doubled since 2007, according to The Washington Post (via a study by Consumer Product Safety Commission). Why? […]


big toilet

An Office Worker Was About to Use the Toilet When a Giant Snake Popped Out

If you thought that animals and wildlife coming up your toilet canal was only in the movies and t.v. shows…you are terribly WRONG! This can really happen. Check this out. A woman in San Diego […]



5 Disgusting Things on Your Body Right Now

Don’t you feel nice and clean when you get out of the shower or bath tub? What if I told you that you are still covered with disgusting stuff? Would you believe me? Here’s five nasty examples […]

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The Simpsons

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Simpsons’

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE The Simpsons. Actually there are MILLIONS of people out there who loves them. That is why it’s one of the longest running cartoons…EVER!!!! If you think you […]



10 Unscientific Hangover Cures That Usually Work

The weekend is over…but, I’m still feeling a little tipsy and groggy! You know what I’m talking about: when you have a vicious headache or a stomach ache. Well, our friends at Buzzfeed decided to […]

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5 Tips So You Don’t Embarrass Yourself Eating Sushi

I don’t know about you all. But I LOVE SUSHI!!!! But I’m not the type of guy who gets caught up in all of the trendy, UNNECESSARY sushi etiquette. I don’t have time to deal […]


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3 Reasons Morning Sex is Good for You

Some people like to get their freak on at night…Some in the morning. Well, new studies show that MORNING LOVE has its benefits. If you can get past the MORNING BREATH. Lol! According to experts, […]




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