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UFC Fighter Wants To Train Orlando Bloom To Kick Justin Bieber’s Butt!

UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin says that he wants to train Orlando Bloom so that he “can win” the next time Justin Bieber is talking trash and they face off! Also, see who he says may be training Bieber how to fight and the pic that Bieber posted on Instagram…

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Rihanna Cusses At Fan In Airport For Wanting Picture With Her [VIDEO]

Rihanna touched down at JFK airport and while she was walking through the airport, a fan asked for a pic with her and she bit his head off! It was all caught on video too. Hear what she said…

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Man Divorcing Wife Because She Won’t Stop Playing Games On Her Phone!

This man says that his marriage is over and it’s because his wife is addicted to her smart phone! He says that she won’t stop playing games on her phone and she has neglected their house and their daughter! See what he says…

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Vin Diesel Breakdances, Sings Sam Smith ‘Stay With Me’ [VIDEOS]

Vin Diesel is a great actor but how is he at dancing and singing? Check out his skills (or lack of) in these videos! He’s breakdancing with Jimmy Fallon and singing Sam Smith’s hit, “Stay With Me”.

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Justin Bieber In A Fight With Orlando Bloom! [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber was mouthing off at a nightclub and actor Orlando Bloom took a swing at him! See the video…

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The WORST Ways To Jump Into The Swimming Pool [VIDEOS]

It’s hot and there’s pretty much NOTHING better than jumping into a swimming pool on a hot day, right? Well, these two people got into the water THE WRONG way! Check out their fails that were caught on video…

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Mother Nature Hates These People’s #Selfies [VIDEO]

These folks may have thought that they were going to get a great selfie for everybody to click “LIKE” on, but Mother Nature wasn’t about to let that happen! LOL! Check out these selfie #fails….

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‘Will Sang For Food’ Guy Does Amazing Cover Of ‘All Of Me’ [VIDEO]

This guy had a sign that said “Will Sang For Food” and he wasn’t lying! Check out this cover of “All of Me” by John Legend that got him some money and Doritos and see how much he made singing for food…

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Cell Phone Catches Bed On Fire Of Sleeping Teen [PICS]

Sometimes we all nod off while we’re using our phones and wake up with the phone buried in the blankets on our bed. That’s what happened to his teen and her phone caught fire and melted under her pillow! See the pics…

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Never Wait In Line At Starbucks Again With App That Lets You Preorder!

We love this app! It lets you order and pay for your Starbucks order without ever having to wait in those long lines again! See what’s up…

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Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ Cover Before And After Photoshop! [PIC]

Nicki Minaj looks AMAZING (and showed off a lot of booty) on the cover of ‘Anaconda’, but it looks like she had some help to look that good! See what the original cover looked like before it got some retouching in Photoshop…

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Fist Bump Is Healthier Than Handshake! [STUDY]

A new study says that a high five transfers less germs from person to person than a handshake but a fist bump is your safest bet! See what the study said…

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Dirty Underwear Stops Bomber, Terror Attack!

Normally, dirty underwear are a bad thing but in this case, dirty drawers saved the lives of nearly 300 people! See how…

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Phaedra Hits Apollo With Divorce Papers!

We’re hearing that Phaedra Parks may not be back on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta next season and that she has begun divorce proceedings against her husband Apollo!

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Lady Who Tim McGraw Slapped Gets Attorney. Wants Money, Apology

Remember the lady who “allegedly” tried to grab Tim McGraw’s private parts while he was on stage in concert? Well, she’s hired a personal injury attorney! Do you think she deserves money and an apology from Tim?

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