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Jeep Drives Off The Back Of A Tow Truck [VIDEO]

We’re not sure why this Jeep was about to get towed, but the driver of the Jeep wasn’t having it and drove their Jeep right off the back of the tow truck! See the video…

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Topless Woman Flashes Size K Breasts On Google Street View [PICS]

When this lady saw a Google camera car driving by to take pics for Google Maps, she lifted up her shirt and flashed the camera with her size K cups! See the pics…

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Family Caught Putting Kids In The Trunk Of The Car [VIDEO]

A family was eating pizza and looked out the window to see another family stuffing kids into the trunk of their car! See the video that they filmed…

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Kanye And Justin Bieber Are Getting Thousands Of Gummy Private Parts Sent To Them!

LOL! A website that sends a bag filled with gummy shaped men’s private parts to someone you don’t like is sending over half a million of the candies to Justin Bieber and Kanye for April Fools Day!

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Man Released From Prison After Sending An Email Saying To Let Him Go!

This guy didn’t want to be in jail anymore so he came up with a pretty good scheme: he sent an email to the prison telling them to let him go! And it worked! See what he did…

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Snoop Dogg

See Snoop Dogg Back In High School! [PIC]

LOL! Back in 1989, Snoop Dogg was a high school senior (he went to school with Cameron Diaz) and went by his given name, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. See what Snoop looked like back in high school…

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McDonald’s Testing Out Serving Breakfast All Day!

If you want to eat breakfast at McDonald’s, you’d better wake up early because they stop serving at 10:30 or 11 am (depending in the location) but you might be getting McMuffins at midnight at some spots! See where…

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Deaf Woman Taught Her Cats Sign Language! [VIDEO]

This video is amazing! A deaf woman fell in love with a deaf cat and she wanted to communicate with the kitty, so she taught all of her cats how to respond to sign language! See the video…

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Katy Perry and identical fan

Katy Perry Met A Girl Who Looks JUST LIKE Her! [PICS]

Katy Perry was at world premiere of “Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour” movie last night and met a fan that looks pretty much JUST LIKE HER! See the pics…

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Manny Pacquiao Had To Give Tickets To His Fight To Buy His House! [PICS]

Manny Pacquiao was in a bidding war to buy Diddy’s old mansion in Beverly Hills and he ended up getting it by throwing in tickets to his fight with Mayweather! See the house and how much he paid for it…

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Man Thought His Girl Was Cheating So He Super Glued Her Private Parts Shut!

This is crazy! A man thought that his girl had cheated on him so he got his revenge by super-gluing her private parts shut! See what she says happened…

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Bacon Is Good For You? This Is Science We Can Get Behind!

Bacon is delicious and this new study is amazing news! It says that eating bacon may actually prolong your life! See what the study found…

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Parents Given The Wrong Baby At The Hospital! [PICS]

A mom who gave birth at a hospital says that they gave her the WRONG newborn baby to bond with! The hospital realized their mistake and fixed the mix up but the mother says that it was too late!

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose Topless In Nothing But Bikini Bottoms! [PICS]

Amber Rose is strutting her stuff on the beaches on Maui right now! See these pics that she posted wearing nothing but sunglasses and a thong bikini bottom! Baby Got Back!

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Jennifer Lopez And Ex Casper Are Back Together, Spotted Kissing [PIC]

JLo and her ex Casper Smart are reportedly back together and they were just spotted kissing. See the pic on the link…

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