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The Worst Shoplifters EVER! See What They Did!

One lady stole a flashy dress and got busted when she posted pics of her wearing it on Facebook! Another lady tried to steal a sex toy- in her baby’s stroller! You can’t make this stuff up…

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Would We Be Happier With A 3-Day Work Week? Carlos Slim Says Yes!

The 2nd richest person in the world, Carlos Slim says that if we only worked three days per week, it would improve our quality of life! See what he purposes…

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Websites Calling Lady Gaga Fat In Latest Pics. We Don’t See It! [PICS]

Some new pics of Lady Gaga in concert over the weekend have surfaced and some websites are calling her really mean names! Stuff like: “Not ‘curvaceous’, just blobby”, “Gut and butt……..not attractive!” and ”FAT, WASHED UP… POP STAR”! Check out the pics that they are talking about…

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Orange Prison Jumpsuits Are Too Trendy, Real Jails Have To Switch Them!

One jail is saying that because of shows like “Orange Is The New Black,” standard orange jumpsuits are too trendy for prisoners to wear now! See what the jail officials plan on making prisoners wear instead…

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Kid Records Workers Who Follow Him Around Stores [VIDEO]

These workers thought that they were being discreet when they followed this young African American man around the store- but they weren’t! And he recorded them and called them out! Check out the videos that he made…

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Dumbest Criminals Of The Week! They Should Be In Jail For Being This Stupid!

One man ordered pizzas for a prank while he was in a jail holding tank and another guy robbed a fast food restaurant and came back a few hours later- TO BUY FOOD! See how dumb these criminals were…

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Mayweather Says He DIDN’T Have Sex With Tiny, Naked TI Pics Surface [PIC]

Floyd Mayweather says that the media got it all wrong today and that he actually said that HE NEVER had sex with T.I.’s wife Tiny! See what else he said and the new pics of TI (in his bday suit) that have surfaced…

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[LISTEN] Whitney VS Deborah Cox- Who Sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ Better?

A Whitney Houston biopic is on the way and Whitney’s family is against it, so they’ve blocked the use of her music in the movie. Deborah Cox was called in to recreate Whitney’s music and her version of “I Will Always Love You” has leaked. What do you think?

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Hero Pit Bull Saves Deaf Owner In House Fire [VIDEO]

We know that Pit Bull’s get a bad name in the press a lot but this Pit named Ace is a hero! See how he saved a deaf teenager from a house fire!

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Dads Who Owe Child Support Arrested For Flaunting Money On Facebook!

These dads have NOT paid child support for their kids, but they did go bragging about buying new cars, football tickets and building a recording studio on Facebook- and now they’re in jail!

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Mom Saves Toddler From Lion Attack! [VIDEO]

A toddler walked past a young lion that was tied up at a zoo and the lion pounced on top of the boy! Luckily, his mother was close by and rescued the child! See the crazy video…

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The Selfie Toaster! Burn Your Selfie On A Piece Of A Toast!

If you want to be reminded of how beautiful you are EVERY MORNING, this selfie toaster (that actually burns an image of you on your toast) is a MUST HAVE! LOL! See what the selfies on toast look like…

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Tim McGraw Slaps Female Fan In The Face [VIDEO]

Dang! Tim McGraw was in concert when a fan allegedly reached up and touched his private parts while he was on stage- and he slapped her in the head! See the video…

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Four Cobras Guarding Baby! [VIDEO]

This is crazy! Does one of the world’s most venomous snakes make a good babysitter? Check out these four cobras that appear to be guarding this baby in the middle of them…

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Jay Z Sex Tape On The Way?

There are reports that a sex tape starring a very naked Jay Z is being shopped around right now! Is it recent (like while he was with Beyonce) though? Get the story…

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