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Crowd Says Dave Chappelle Was Wasted, Wants Money Back For Show [VIDEO]

Tons of people paid $50 to about $240 to see Dave Chappelle at a show in Detroit. Not only was Dave an hour late but they say that he was soo wasted when he hit the stage that they want their money back! See the video…

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See What Kris Humphries, Rob Kardashian Said About Bruce Jenner

Nearly 17 million people watched Bruce Jenner’s interview last night! Kris Humphries is apologizing for a tweet that he sent out and Rob Kardashian is calling Bruce a role model! See their tweets…

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Man “Gives Birth” Out Of His Belly Button After Having Stomach Pains!

This poor guy was having really bad stomach pains and his doctors said that it could be a cyst or an in-growing hair- it turned out to be his twin! And the twin came out of him! WARNING! DETAILS ARE GRAPHIC!

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New South Sacramento Walmart On Florin Road Hiring 95 People!

A new Walmart Neighborhood Market is opening this summer on Florin Road and they are hiring people to work there! Get the details…

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Woman Says She Killed Man Because He Hurt Her With His Big Penis!

When this woman met this man on the “casual encounters”section of Craigslist, she didn’t know that he was so well endowed. After they had sex she says that he hurt her and when he wouldn’t pay her medical bills…

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Best And Worst Prom Invitations Of The Day! [PICS]

One guy is becoming an internet HERO for the way he asked his date to prom and another guy got suspended and BANNED from the prom because of the way he invited his date! See the pics…

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See How Much Elvis Presley’s Grown up Grandson Looks Like Him! [PIC]

One of Elvis Presley’s grown grandsons made a rare public appearance with his mom Lisa Marie. See how much Benjamin looks like his famous granddad!

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One Of The Sons From “Everybody Loves Raymond” Has Died

Sawyer Sweeten, who played Geoffrey Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond, has passed away at the age on 19. See what happened…

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Would You Eat Expired Food? See How Long The USDA Says It’s Safe For AFTER The Date

If you saw food that had expired, you would probably just throw it away, right? Well, the USDA is saying that most stuff is still good 12-18 months AFTER the expiration date! Get the story…

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Girl Wets Her Pants On Live TV! [VIDEO]

This poor girl REALLY had to go pee, but this news reporter kept asking her questions and she peed her pants on live television! See the video…

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If You Post Selfies And Get Robbed While On Vacation, Insurance Companies Can Deny Your Claim !

Heads up! Some insurance companies are reportedly saying that if you post selfies of yourself having a good time on vacation and your house gets broken into, they can deny your claim!

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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Naked On The Internet! Paparazzi Leaked Nude Pics! [PICS]

The paparazzi took pics of Janet Jackson sunbathing in the nude and leaked them online! WARNING! PICS ARE VERY GRAPHIC!

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Win A San Francisco Giants World Championship Ring And Help Kids!

The San Francisco Giants want to give you one of their World Championship Rings! See how you can win it and help out their charity, the Giants Community Fund, which helps underserved youth.

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These Girls Think College Basketball Player Quinn Cook Is J. Cole! [VIDEO]

Quinn Cook is a college basketball player for Duke University but these girls that he was hitting on at the mall don’t know that. They think he’s J. Cole and he even sings for them! LOL! See the video…

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Woman Destroys Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Products In Bathtub! [PICS]

When this woman found out that her boyfriend was cheating, she took his Apple iPad, iPhones, laptops and more and put them in the bathtub! See the pic that she sent him…

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