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J. Cole Is Hooking Up Single Moms In His Childhood Home

J. Cole is doing something amazing! He knows first hand how hard it was to be raised by a single mother, so he’s doing something to the life of other single mom’s easier!

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Real Pet Cemetery? Dead Cat Gets Buried, Comes Back 5 Days Later! [VIDEO]

This is like something out of a scary movie! A cat got hit by a car and was pronounced dead so his family buried him. Five days later, he was in the front yard… ALIVE! See the video…

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Watch This Woman Steal A Whole Flat Screen TV Under Her Dress! [VIDEO]

This woman got caught on camera stealing a flat screen TV in under 10 seconds! She shoved the whole TV under her dress and walked out of the store! See the video…

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Miss USA Contestant Has Nip Slip! Loses Her Whole Top On The Runway! [VIDEO]

Chanelle Riggan is “Miss Beverly Hills” and during the swimsuit competition at the Miss California USA finals- HER WHOLE BIKINI TOP POPPED OFF ON STAGE! See the video…

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Klay Thompson Breaks NBA Record Against Our Sacramento Kings :( [VIDEO]

Klay Thompson broke a record of most points scored during a quarter last night! Unfortunately, it was in a game against the Sacramento Kings and we lost. See how many points Klay scored…

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Plymouth (Minn) Police

Did This Guy Wheel His Dead Mother Into A Bank To Withdraw Money?

This guy is being accused of wheeling his dead mother into a bank to withdraw money in her name! He reported her dead hours later, but some people think she was already dead when he took her to the bank!

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Guy Got A Tattoo Of Nude Miley Cyrus In A Bubble Bath On His Leg! [PIC]

Remember those pics of Miley Cyrus wearing nothing but bubbles? Well, a guy got that image tattooed on his leg! See the pic…

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Burger King Gives Woman A Bag Full Of Cash In Drive-thru!

A lady stopped at a Burger King drive-thru for a sweet tea and junior spicy chicken sandwich, but she got a bag full of cash instead!

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Woman Sentenced To Jail For Taking Drugs While Pregnant

A law in Tennessee says that drug use during pregnancy is a crime. If a baby is born there and tests positive for narcotics, moms can go to prison for up to 15 years!

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Carlos Santana’s Nephew, Adam Lasher Auditions For American Idol [VIDEO]

Even though Adam Lasher looks a lot like Jimmy Fallon, he’s actually related to music legend Carlos Santana! Watch Adam audition on American Idol and hear an extra cover song too…

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Worm Found Inside Of A Chicken Nugget! [PIC]

Yuck! A mom says that she took a bite of one of the fast food chicken nuggets that she bought ehr daughter and there was a worm in it! See the pic…

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Man Forces Woman Into Her Trunk At Drive-Through ATM [VIDEO]

A trip to the ATM machine became a nightmare for one poor lady who was held at gunpoint, forced into her own car trunk and driven around by her abductor! See the video…

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on strike

Mom Goes On Strike From Her Bad Kids! #MOMONSTRIKE [VIDEO]

This single mom got soo fed up by the behavior of her teenagers, that she she went on strike… from being their mother! See the video…

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Black Nigerian Parents Have A White Baby! [PICS]

Two Nigerian immigrant parents gave birth to a blonde-hair, blue-eyed baby girl! See the pics and how doctors say this could have happened…

102.5 KSFM–01/21/2015

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Girl Twerks And Falls Out Of A Moving Car! [VIDEO]

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! This girl was twerking in a moving car with the passenger side door open AND FELL OUT! See the video…

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