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Watch This Video Of A Gorilla At The Zoo Scaring Children [Video]

This gorilla does this routine on a regular basis according to the person that filmed this video. A gorilla at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska likes to scare people through the glass enclosure. [...]

8 hours ago

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Fashion Designer Icon Oscar De La Renta Passes Away At 82

Fashion designer icon Oscar de la Renta has passed away today at the age of 82. He had been diagnosed with cancer back in 2006 but the cause of his death has not been reported. [...]

9 hours ago

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Cameras Catch Nick Cannon And Wiz Khalifa’s Ex Amber Rose On A Theme Park Date Night ?

Nick Cannon & Amber Rose were spotted together on a roller coaster by themselves on Friday night at Knott’s Berry Farms in Buena Vista, CA.  Amber & Nick are both going through divorces right now [...]


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Too Soon? Ebola Protective Gear Halloween Costumes

$80 dollars can buy you the Ebola Protective Gear costume for Halloween from … but is it too soon? The Ebola Halloween costumes are already some of the most popular costumes on line for [...]


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Mothers & Daughters Take Shots Together Of Different Tequilas [Taste Test Video]

Buzzfeed came up with this funny taste test video of mothers & daughters taking shots together of different brands of Tequilas. Some of the mothers were reliving their college days and their reactions were priceless. [...]


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Starbucks Is Finally Letting Employees Show Their Tattoos

After years of covering up, Starbucks will now let their employees show their tattoos….just not on their faces or throats. This new dress code policy will begin on October 20th after a petition with over [...]


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Over 100 Sharks Caught On Camera In A Feeding Frenzy Close To The Shore [Video]

Last week a group of leaders at the One Harbor Church went fishing on the coast of Cape Lookout National Seashore, North Carolina.  They caught a group of over 100 sharks feeding on a school [...]


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‘Clipboard Guy’ Identified & Explanation On Why He Wasn’t Wearing Protective Gear Near The Ebola Patient

Social media went crazy yesterday with conspiracy theories about ‘The Clipboard Guy’ and why he wasn’t wearing any protective gear when they were transferring the 2nd Ebola patient in Dallas.  1.) Who is he? He [...]


(credit: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department)

A Nanny Cam Catches A Woman Shaking A 1-Year Old Twin Girl Violently [Video]

A nanny camera captured the shocking video of a woman shaking a 1 year-old twin girl violently. The 8 year old brother of the twins told his parents of the physical abuse so they set [...]


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‘La Bamba’ & ‘Modern Family’ Actress Elizabeth Pena Passes Away At The Age Of 55

TMZ is reporting this story of actress Elizabeth Pena passing away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at the age of 55. The cause of her death has still not been released. Elizabeth is being remembered today [...]


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Restaurant Owner Tells News Reporter “I’d Love To See My Meat In Your…” [Viral Video]

KCTV‘s reporter Courtenay DeHoff was doing a story at a local restaurant in Kansas City.  She was interviewing the owner of the Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill named Joe Zwillenberg. They were talking about [...]


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Funny Scarecrow Prank [Viral Video]

Popular Youtube prankster Ed Bassmaster is back with another prank video just in time for Halloween! This time he dressed up as an undercover zombie in a scarecrow costume. Watch the reaction when innocent bystanders [...]


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Watch This Funny Video Of A Little Boy Getting Rejected For Trying To Kiss A Little Girl [Video]

Little kids say and do the funniest things right?! Watch this video of a little boy trying to give a big smooch to a little girl and gets rejected multiple times! If you understand Spanish [...]


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Iggy Azalea Vs Snoop Dogg In A New Beef Over An Instagram Post By Snoop

TMZ is reporting this story about Iggy Azalea being extremely mad about Snoop Dogg’s insulting Instagram post about her. The picture was making fun of what Iggy looks like without make up. Iggy immediately took offense [...]


Photo Cred: Corpus Christi Police Department

POLICE: Teenager Admits To Killing His Mother, Then Loses His Virginity To Her Corpse [Confession Video]

There are so many words to describe this story from shocking, sickening, disgusting, etc… An 18-year-old named Kevin Davis from Corpus Christi, Texas has admitted to the murder of his mother with a hammer by [...]

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