Wine Condoms Are The Next Big Thing [PICS]Everyone should wrap it up, even wine bottles.
Introducing The New Most Interesting Man In The World [VIDEO]The Most Interesting Man in the World is back. Well, not the old one but a brand new one.
This Is The BEST Hangover Cure, According To ScienceIf we said you can get the absolute BEST hangover cure at a sushi restaurant, would you believe us?
Would You Try This BLUE Wine??If you're a fan of anything and everything WINE, you may want to try this!
Ben & Jerry's Beer is Coming! [PIC]Now THIS we have to try!
Now You Can Drink Wine....With Your Cat [PIC]Cat lovers dreams have come true!
Study: Drinking Coffee Might Make Your Breasts Smaller!Ladies, did you know that drinking coffee might be making your chest smaller? See what a study from the British Journal of Cancer discovered...
Study: Drinking THIS Cuts Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol in HALF!A new study says that drinking THIS everyday will cut liver damage caused by drinking alcohol in half! See what it is...
Woman Throws Party To Celebrate The End Of Her Probation, Gets Arrested! [PICS]This lady threw a big party to celebrate that she was done with probation, but the cops came and she got arrested! #fail
Parents Let Teenager Drink Alcohol To 'Teach Him A Lesson' And He Died From Alcohol Poisoning [PICS]This is so sad. A couple is being charged with involuntary manslaughter after they tried to "teach a lesson" to their 16-year-old son by letting him drink booze and he died from alcohol poisoning! See what happened..
Target Plans To Serve Alcohol As You Shop
Drake and Serena Williams Caught Kissing [PIC]

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