Study: Alcohol Does Not Alter Your Personality.There is no such thing as a “happy drunk”.
Mom Accidentally Sends Her Kid To School With Vodka.Now this is what I call a juice box.
Study: There Are Four Kinds Of Drunks.After an honest-to-goodness scientific survey, researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have concluded that there are four kinds of drunks:
Hipsters Are Playing Russian Roulette With Tasers.San Francisco hipsters aren’t losing their heads over their version of Russian Roulette — which uses a taser instead of a lethal firearm, according to a report.
Sacramento: Get Alcohol Delivered To Your Door With This Cool AppImagine chilling at home or being at a friend's party and not having to worry about hitting up the store to get more alcohol...
Keurig To Launch Beer-Making Machine?Soon enough we'll be making our own alcohol!
The Best Exercise If You Like To Drink!Work it out!
Wine Condoms Are The Next Big Thing [PICS]Everyone should wrap it up, even wine bottles.
Introducing The New Most Interesting Man In The World [VIDEO]The Most Interesting Man in the World is back. Well, not the old one but a brand new one.
This Is The BEST Hangover Cure, According To ScienceIf we said you can get the absolute BEST hangover cure at a sushi restaurant, would you believe us?
Would You Try This BLUE Wine??If you're a fan of anything and everything WINE, you may want to try this!
Ben & Jerry's Beer is Coming! [PIC]Now THIS we have to try!

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