Cocktail Recipes Every Pumpkin Spice Fan NeedsPumpkin Spice just got a little spicier with some alcoholic options.
Moscow Mule Copper Mugs May Cause Food PoisoningIf you're a fan of the popular Moscow Mule cocktail, you might want to make sure you're drinking from a safe glass.....
A New Study: Heavy Drinking Can Be Good For You. [Video]I guess you can consider this some good news as we head into the weekend.
New Study Claims Drinking More Alcohol May Make You Less Likely To Develop DimentiaCheers! Let's drink to our health!
Must Read: This Drink May Help Protect Women In SoCal BarsA popular bar has adopted a new system to make sure female customers spending an evening out feel safe.
Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together.Don't be scared to toss back a few, it might help your relationship.
Starbucks Will Serve Alcohol At New LocationThis brand new store will have a full bar as well as their traditional coffee selection!
California Passed The Bill Allowing Nightclubs And Bars To Serve Alcohol Till 4am!The bill has officially been passed in the Senate!
Study: Alcohol Does Not Alter Your Personality.There is no such thing as a “happy drunk”.
Mom Accidentally Sends Her Kid To School With Vodka.Now this is what I call a juice box.
Study: There Are Four Kinds Of Drunks.After an honest-to-goodness scientific survey, researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have concluded that there are four kinds of drunks:
Hipsters Are Playing Russian Roulette With Tasers.San Francisco hipsters aren’t losing their heads over their version of Russian Roulette — which uses a taser instead of a lethal firearm, according to a report.

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