Want To See America? Travel America For Free With Motel 6!See America without spending a dime!
You Will Watch This If You Are A True American!This is something to lift your patriotism in this time of uncertainty!
Ben & Jerry's Beer is Coming! [PIC]Now THIS we have to try!
Carpool Karaoke With JLo [VIDEO]J Lo talks about insuring her backside and lets James text Leo from her phone! Never a dull moment.
Will Fetty Wap Perform At Nancy Reagan's Funeral?Someone started a petition to get Fetty Wap to perform at her funeral because quote, "She was married to the money and introduced America to the stove."
Burger King Introduces Hot Dogs To The Menu With The Help Of Snoop Dogg [VIDEO]
Tom Brady Will Vote Trump [VIDEO]
Ariana Grande Apologizes For Saying She Hates America. Says She Did It For Obese People!By now, you've probably seen the video of Ariana Grande saying that she "hates Americans" and "hates America" in a doughnut shop. She's issued an apology and claims she said that for obese people!
Kanye West Gives a Crazy Lecture at Oxford University
Chris Pratt & Chris Evans Make Heroic Super Bowl Bet
[WATCH] How American's Coast To Coast Were Feeling Yesterday Afternoon!
Best Commercial Beer in America 2014

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