Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends Pro-Gay Marriage Facebook Post
Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Scare People In Wax Museum [VIDEO]LOL! Arnold Schwarzenegger pretended to be a "Terminator" wax figure in Hollywood and scared the crap out of people who stopped to take a pic! See the video...
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son That He Had With His Maid Graduates, Looks Just Like Him! [PICS]Remember the lovechild that Arnold Schwarzenegger had with his maid? His name is Joseph Baena and he just graduated from high school! His famous dad wasn't there but look at how much he looks like Arnold...
Terminator Genisys Trailer! Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back! [VIDEO]67-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger is fighting a younger version of himself in the new "Terminator Genisys" trailer! The movie is set to hit theaters July 1, 2015 but take your first look right now...
Californians Against Higher Taxes
Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jimmy Fallon QVC Spoof [VIDEO]Arnold Schwarzenegger was on "The Tonight Show" Monday night to promote his new movie and he and Jimmy Fallon did a pretty funny spoof on "QVC." Arnold even threw out one of his classic movie lines. Check out the video..
Arnold Plays Ping Pong
The Worst Disguise EVER Presented To You By Arnold Schwarzenegger [Video]
Total Recall Trailer Is Here
Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Come Back!
Wayne, Jay & Lexi's Comedy Clip Of The Day
Arnold Schwarzenegger/Mary Murphy Love Connection?
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