The Best Ad You Will See This Sunday During The Big Game [VIDEO]
Cockroach Crawls Into Guy's Ear, Has 25 Babies! [PICS]This poor dude went to the doctor because his ear was bothering him and they found a mamma cockroach and 25 babies living in his ear!
The Rage Report Recap
Pampers Pooface Ad Will Make You Smile [Video]
Mom Bunny Beats Up Snake Trying To Eat Her Babies! [VIDEO]This snake was trying to get an easy snack but this mama bunny wasn't going to let him take one of her babies without a fight! Watch the mom bunny beat this snake up...
Kim and Kanye Pregnant With Baby #2
Guy Runs Over Mama Duck And Her 11 Ducklings With His Riding Lawnmower!A man is catching charges after he ran over a mama duck and her family of 11 ducklings with a riding lawnmower! Most of the baby ducks died. :( See what charges he's facing...
Are People Watching You Through Your Baby Monitor? [VIDEO]Some parents are saying that not only are people watching them through their baby monitors, some of the hackers are posting images from the families online without them even knowing! Get the story...
Parents Given The Wrong Baby At The Hospital! [PICS]A mom who gave birth at a hospital says that they gave her the WRONG newborn baby to bond with! The hospital realized their mistake and fixed the mix up but the mother says that it was too late!
First Pic Of Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz New Baby!
Check Out This Record Breaking 14+ Pound Newborn Baby! [PICS]Little Avery had no idea that he would be breaking records when he was born, but that's what happened! He was born weighing 14 lbs and 1 ounce! See the huge newborn....
Good Samaritan Saves Baby Sharks On Beach! [VIDEO]When a dead shark washed up on shore, people noticed something moving in her belly. That's when a Good Samaritan rescued the babies from their mom's belly and released them into the ocean! See the video...

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